Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yes I know Kyle just posted...and I am SO proud of him! Let me tell you, I am always trying to get him to post (it's not quite his thang) but he did it and I love him :)

(he just pointed out to me that it isn't any boys thang...which could possibly be true...hehe)

Anyways, I've discovered a new joy/burden/annoyance/distraction. Yes, it would be registering for stuff at target, bed bath and beyond, and pampered chef.

I started yesterday when I was taking care of Kyle while he was being all sickly on the couch. And I thought it would be super fun to pick out matching towels and pillows, but what I found is that I have NO idea which stuff to pick. Let me tell you...stuff is either really expensive or it doesn't coordinate with our shower curtains. Boo. So I made a decision this morning, I'm just going to register for a bunch of great stuff at all three stores (yes...i said 3 stores) and its going to just be a fun game to see what stuff we ACTUALLY get on our wedding day. That way Kyle and I can pick and choose which stuff we like and then return the rest for wii games (just kidding...well I might be kidding).

our very attractive selves not knowing what to register for at target

Basically I think when you all see our might laugh at the stuff you see on it. Like Just Dance 3 (comes out in a week...whoooop).

oh and a UK blanket.

At least I didn't listen to the the advice of Kyle's roommate Paul. His suggestion, put "pink, fluffy, handcuffs" on the registry. Oh he also suggested registering for paint brushes and chocolate syrup. hmmmm.

So registering is a pain, but it's fun :) I'm so excited to be able to have a cute little apartment with my handsome hubby! Yay for almost newly-wed life!!!

I love my fiance :) He gives great shoulder massages! And he makes me happier than I have ever been! He really knows how to cheer me up when I'm in a bad mood after testing all day. I love you Kyle! I can't wait to be your cute lil' wifey!

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  1. You'll return about 60-70% of what you get, even if you registered for it so no stress! Returning things to then go on a huge shopping spree is a smidge stressful, but what girl doesn't like going on a shopping spree with tons of $$ on gift cards!