Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reliving the Roaring 20s

After weeks and weeks spent on trying to find costumes for our first Halloween together, we were pleased to find a cheap idea that we both liked:

The Roaring 20s!!

Flapper and a ganster


I'm sexy too!

cutest halloween couple ever!

Hot cocoa!

we made carmel apples!

watching "corpse bride"

We went back to my house and had ourselves our own movie/candy fest!

I was attacked by my fiancé

I am loved

So Lauren was a flapper and I was a gangster.  Granted, there were a few details missing, such as a tommy gun for me and a boa feather accessory for her, but I think it turned out rather well! Lauren especially did a great job with makeup, hair, and just everything!!

Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. The Italian Suit!!! I bet your bum looked fantastic that night eh? ;)