Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Progress

So as many of you know, wedding planning is st-ress-ful! Kyle and I have made some really great progress! (special shout out to our parents for being extremely helpful...and dealing with me changing my mind all the time).

Here's the progress we've made...

  • We have our venue booked! It's going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! It's at lakeside weddings in desert shores in Las Vegas. There is a really pretty garden area over looking the water and the inside is super fancy. I CANT WAIT
  • We took engagement pictures! It was SOOO much fun, and we got to use such fun props! My very talented friend Tia Horito took our pictures and she had tons of fun ideas! We should be getting those pics sometime within the next week or we will post some on here soon!
here's a preview...
adorable right?!?!

  • We have wedding colors and we bought the groomsman ties (and Kyle's tie as well). I am so excited for our's going to be BEAUTIFUL!
  • We planned our honeymoon trip :)
  • I have my wedding dress and it's almost done being altered!!! I'm SO excited about it!
  • We picked out invitations and we will order then within a week! (side note: if you haven't given us your address...shame. we need it!)
  • We found our wedding day photographer...and she is AMAZING! YAY
  • We scheduled our temple sealing and my endowment! 
  • we registered at, Bed bath and beyond, and pampered!
  • we know the design of our cake!
  • we started looking at our own cell phone plans (hopefully with iPhones?!?!?)

So we have got a lot done, but we still have so much to do...but we still have 2 months to do it! I can't wait to get married to the best, most amazing man in the world!!!

until then, we will just keep studying!

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  1. Love that picture! I cant wait to see the rest. You are also cranking through the planning...good work!