Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Kyle and I had an AMAZING TIME in New York at my uncle's cabin for Thanksgiving! Kyle got to meet half of my mom's side, as well as the rest of my immediate family. Here are one million pictures to show you what we did!!

Hanging at JFK waiting for our driver


we had to wear orange hats because it was hunting season...and I guess we could get shot in the woods?

the cousins loved tackling Kyle

notice the foot on Kyle's face

Kyle and my little sister Kathryn

Kyle and my little sister Elizabeth

playing outside

Kathryn took this

I tried golf...kind of unsuccessful 

E did not know what to do in the grass

look at those blue eyes!

She loves technology

Kathryn the indian

throwing rocks


cutest couple in the world!!

the pig we roasted....yyuuuummmmm

Uncle Wayne and Michael decided to jump in the pond...they were very...very cold

blowing up a cake and gingerbread houses...nbd

the puzzle that drove everyone crazy

Michael eats a lot...and Elizabeth wants to get out of her seat

We had the best time with all my family. It was definitely one of the best Thanksgivings we have had! Kyle and I have a lot to get done these next two weeks...we've got finals galore!! 


3 weeks from today WE WILL BE MARRIED!!!!! We really CAN NOT believe it! I can't wait to be sealed to my best friend for eternity. 

Yay for the semester almost being done...and yay for marriage!!!!

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