Thursday, December 1, 2011

Almost There

Kyle and I are getting married in less than 3 weeks....yep...3 weeks! It hasn't really hit me until last night when I had my first interview to enter the temple. During the interview...I just got hit with the strongest spirit I've ever felt. In just a few short days, I get to enter the house of the Lord and not only receive my own sacred endowments, but also be sealed to the most amazing man on this planet.

I have the dress, we planned the reception, we have florists and planners working on little details. These next couple weeks will be full of stress (not to mention Kyle and I have our finals). All the stress became worth it yesterday though as I walked out with my almost ready temple recommend. I kept taking it out of my pocket to treasure it. I've never been so excited for a single event in my life.

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful fiancé that helps me in every way, and is just so wonderful to be around. I am always smiling and laughing when we are together. I can't wait to be married to Kyle and to start our journey together (not to mention, it will be really nice to not have to take me home every night). I am also so lucky to have such amazing family members, inlaws, roommates, friends and professors that help me learn and grow and balance this crazy life I live. This semester has been so great, stressful, but great. I've made life-long friends as well as bonded with my honeh!

So my friends, I'm almost through finals, I'm almost endowed, and I'm almost married. Phew...what a crazy couple weeks these will be!!


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