Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bridal Shower and Temple Square!

This will probably be the last post for a couple of weeks...here's why:

  1. Kyle and I have 1 million finals to accomplish this week and next week (actually Kyle still has 2 midterms to get through this week...OYE!)
  2. We are getting married (2 weeks baby!)
  3. We are honeymooning (it's kinda weird to say that haha)
  4. We are chillin in Dallas for a week
  5. We have to come back and move in our new apartment
  6. We need to get situated in our classes and our new work schedule

So my friends, we just have a busy couple weeks planned. I promise Kyle and I will return to our blog as soon as possible and post about our new and fantastic married life (and when we DO post then...we will actually be the Richardson's...YAY!)

So Kyle and I had a pretty fun weekend! Last Saturday I had my bridal shower and afterwards Kyle and I ventured off to SLC to see the temple square lights! (I go every year and I LOVE IT). 

My wonderful roommates Kate, Krista, and Jessica threw me such a cute bridal shower. We played some fun games, ate delicious treats, and I received some fun presents! Here are some pictures!

Everyone had to draw me on my wedding day...on their heads lol!

The finished products!

Honeymoon survival kit...complete with pregnancy test


Howa and Kaitlyn


freshmen friends Kelli and Candace!

Mi aunties!

Jessica lol

friends since first grade!

Heather and Kayla...such cuties!

almost sister-in-law


we are so silly

After the bridal shower, Kyle and I went to a crepe shop here in Provo. It was SOOO good! I had a mixed berries crepe and Kyle had a chicken fettucini crepe. Delish!

kinda scary? 



Then we went up to temple square to see the lights! It was so beautiful, romantic, and FREEEEEEZING! We had a good time though! I really loved being able to see the SLC temple lit up and beautiful! I get to enter the Lord's sacred house in only a few short days! I am excited! 


My favorite pink lights!

It was reallllllllly cold!

It was such a fun day, but we always have fun together huh :)

See you after the wedding!!! (or I guess I'll see some of you AT the wedding)

Happy finals/Christmas!

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  1. Dang! I'm so super sad I didn't get to go to your bridal shower! Spencer had to work both jobs so I didn't have the car...sad day! It looks like you had a ton of fun though!