Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sorry Kyle and I haven't blogged gets busy as you may know!

Kyle and I have just been using our downtime to relax, organize, and make home made ice cream. Here are a couple of fun things we have done this past week.

A couple weeks ago, Kyle and I hung up our first picture collage together. I know this sounds lame, but it was a lot of fun organizing pictures of ourselves and hanging them all cute-like! Here's the finished product!

There are no wedding pictures up yet...but those will go in the frames later.

This past Saturday Kyle and I went over to my grandparents house to eat delicious food and watch #1 Kentucky basketball play LSU. It was really fun to see the Krebs and their new baby Jackson, as well as my Grandparents. The best part for me was probably seeing Kyle wear a UK shirt. He looked extremely good in UK blue and white!!

After the game, we went to Color Me Mine, to get our craft on! We made wedding presents for my good friend Kiah and her husband, so I can't show you quite yet what we painted....but it's soooooo cute! (we will probably go back soon to paint some for ourselves!) It was so fun to go out and paint pottery together and get creative! 

Sunday's are really nice for Kyle and I. We sleep in, we lounge around and slowly get ready for church, and after church we spend the evening talking to our families and eating our homemade ice-cream while watching movies. One of my favorite things to do on Sunday now is to make Sunday dinner in a crockpot! I have a HUGE recipe book for everything crockpot...and I'm obsessed! It's SUPER delicious food as well! YAY!
This next week we have 2 exciting things going on! The first is Kyle and I are getting our first iPhones!!! We bought the iPhone 4s (Kyle got a black one and I got a white one) and we are so excited to get them in the mail!! We already bought cases for them as well! The next awesome thing happening this week is Kyle is turning 24!! We are going to go out to dinner after class, eat cake and open presents! Kyle is getting so old!!
Here is Kyle's new iPhone case
And here is mine!

Well that's our life as of late. It's really fun to have each other and get to celebrate such fun things together. Everyday is a happy day in the Richardson house!

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  1. Love the wall art. And that wood case is hilarious!