Wednesday, January 11, 2012

more texas/new apartment!

Sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I should. I know you all want updates on Kyle and I's wonderful marriage! School is now in full swing and Kyle and I are BUSY BUSY! I've already had 1 exam this week with 3 (no I'm not kidding) more to go! Kyle is in a ton of hard classes this semester and is gone until 8pm pretty much every night (and this isn't counting all the studying and homework he has to do when he gets home!) We have been having a lot of fun though! It's always a joy to come home to each other every night to tell about our days and just enjoy being together again!

Anyways, since we just figured out our internet in our new apartment, I can now blog religiously again! First off, I found some pictures from Texas that I forgot to post!


work it

Kyle watching the Mavs game

In the Stockyard! Yehaw!

Riding the Dart for the first time 

new year's in downtown Dallas

Look...we are kissing...and there are fireworks! AHH

Super crowded DART

After Dallas we went back to Provo and moved into our new apartment! I took some pictures because a lot of you were wanting to see it, but side note: It's not decorated super cute yet (we are waiting for wedding pictures to come in before we put frames up on our walls). 

Our family room!  
our cute little kitchen

our super comfy bed with SUPER comfy bedding (I literally can't wait to fall asleep in it every night!)

We've gotten to relax in our apartment a little bit, and start using our really awesome appliances for things! Our favorite appliances are our Ninja blender and our ice cream maker! We make smoothies like...every other day...and last Sunday we made our very first batch of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream (which we made into ice cream sandwiches with some chocolate chip cookies we made)!!

Kyle and his arab shirt

We love baking together!

So that's our married life for ya...baking, moving, and studying. It's pretty great! These first 3 weeks have treated us great!! 

Happy -almost-weekend! (ya, ya, ya...I know it's only Wednesday...I'm just trying to keep our spirits're welcome!)