Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wedding/Honeymoon/Open House

Kyle and I got married December 20, 2011! We loved every second our wedding day, our honeymoon, and our Texas open house! Here is what we did!

After finals, Kyle and I drove down to Las Vegas to get ready for the wedding! We got to spend a couple of days running errands and exploring the strip!

Huge Christmas Tree at the bellagio! 

fried oreos!

I had my bachelorette party on the Saturday night before the wedding! My friends and I had a really fun night with mocktails and karaoke in China town! 

Kiah haha


The wedding day was amazing! In the morning I woke up super early to get ready so I could be at the temple at 8:30am to take out my endowments before the sealing. I had some kind of sickness that morning, and I ended up throwing up and being sick for about a day, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the wedding day. Taking out my endowments was such a neat experience, and I just love going to the temple and learning about the Lord's plan. Kyle and I enjoyed being in the temple half our wedding day; it made it that much more special! After the endowment session, we got sealed for time and all eternity, and it was such a special moment! After the sealing, we got to have a couple minutes to ourselves to take it all in, I got ready, and we exited the temple with all our family waiting for us! We all greeted them, took pictures, and just enjoyed being married!

After taking a million pictures, we headed to our reception! We had such a fun night dancing, taking fun pictures at our photo booth, and eating delicious food and cake!

The cake

Kyle and I's sweetheart cake

1st dance

our photo booth!

We went to San Diego on our honeymoon and it was amazing! It was perfect temperature and always sunny! We took a trip to the San Diego Zoo (My first zoo ever!), many beach trips, and we went to a session at the San Diego temple! We ate delicious food and got to relax! We were kinda sad to leave!!

The view of our suite at the Planet Hollywood

sweetest room EVER

San Diego Zoo

We love Mexican food! 

San Diego temple!

getting some gold!

We went to the beach on Christmas!

After our honeymoon we headed to Plano, TX for our open house! We got to hang out with the rest of the Richardson clan and have a really fun open house! we also went to the Stockyard in Fort Worth, which is an old town style place with rodeo's, REAL longhorns, cowboys, and saloons! It was a really fun week!

Kyle likes my kisses

Kyle and I have really enjoyed our winter break! It's been a fun new journey for the both of us! Now back to Provo for our new school married life!!

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