Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our first Valentines day!

Kyle and I had a wonderful Valentine's day! We had a lot going on school-wise, so our plan was to relax after Kyle got back from class and have a delicious lasagna valentine's day dinner!

Kyle surprised me with cute sticky notes all around the house saying things he loved about me. It was such a wonderful surprise after a long day in the lab!

When Kyle got home, he surprised me AGAIN with flowers, chocolates, and BEAUTIFUL earrings! I love him!

We then ate lasagna and relaxed! It was perfect!!!

We also had fun in the CLS program on V-day. The director of my program gave us all cupcakes with these cute vday rings on them. You better believe we wore them all day! They also found a picture of a metamyelocte with a heart in it. Super nerdy but super awesome!!

The weekend after V-day Kyle and I ventured out to Salt Lake to go to an endowment session in the Salt Lake temple! It was a wonderful experience and it was a fun outing!!! 

It was a great week! Kyle is a wonderful husband and I love him!!!

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