Saturday, March 17, 2012


Kyle and I love March Madness so much! We both filled brackets out and I am happy to report that I am ahead of Kyle (muahaha!) We both have University of Kentucky winning, so we aren't competing on the winner. So far the tournament has been so awesome! So many upsets and close games! Last night Kyle was praying and was half-asleep, and he prayed that the TV would work today. HA.

My bracket is on the left, Kyle's on the right. The orange is what we've gotten right, blue is what we have gotten wrong

Today is St. Patty's Day, and I usually don't do much for this holiday except wearing a little green. Today to celebrate though, Kyle and I decided to eat green food! We made green waffles this morning, and they were delicious! Then we heard that Burger King was giving away free french fries with green ketchup. We hit up two stores to try this green ketchup. It was gross looking, and kinda hard to eat (for me) but it was awesome to get free food!

Hurray for march! 

Here are some other pictures from the past week...

every family dinner Kyle gets tackled by my cousins


the weather has been so nice, so we have taken lots of walks. Here is a really cool picture I took of Kyle on one of those walks.

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