Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vegas Again!

Sorry for the lack of blogging. We will just blame it on school!

This past weekend, Kyle and I went to Las Vegas for the weekend for Kiah and Preston's wedding. It was so fun to go to the Las Vegas temple again and visit where we were sealed! It was my first sealing I got to be in other than my own, and it was such a special moment. I loved seeing how happy Kiah and Preston were! It was also very fun to be a bridesmaid (also a first!). It was warm, beautiful, and too short of a trip! Here are some pictures!

Kyle and I at the Las Vegas temple

My shoes!


How presh are they?!?

My favorite temple 
Alex and I being sneaky...we called ourselves the rebound boards...so if the bouquet went too far, we would just throw it back haha!

Kyle and I always go on fun dates, but my favorite thing we do is go to Color Me Mine (we've already gone twice in our marriage lol). This past time I wanted to make bowls with a mustache for Kyle and lips for me. We splatter painted the inside of the bowls and it got a little messy :)

Kyle and I have a fun marriage :)

Have a great week!

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  1. Random, I started reading your blog a while back because I know Kyle from Freshman year and we worked together at Legends (hi kyle!). We love color me mine too, but we just found this place called creativity that is the same idea, but its just slightly cheaper, so maybe you could check it out. Its located near the university mall, and cinemark theaters next to farrs. :)