Sunday, April 22, 2012


This past week Kyle and I finished out finals and celebrated my "fake" graduation! I am not officially done at BYU until December 2012...but all my CLS friends and I decided we wanted to walk early and just celebrate while we were all in town. It was a lot of fun wearing the Navy Blue cap and gown and celebrating with Kyle, my Dad and Heather. Thanks to everyone who have supported Kyle and I in all our years at BYU! Here are some pictures from this weekend.

Friends since the the dorms!

love these girls!!


love this campus!

Kyle and I 

I love this University!!

CLS friends!! 

Heather and I

the cougar!!

At the mmbio luncheon
Me and My Dad!

It was a really fun weekend and we really enjoyed having my Dad and Heather there to celebrate with us! Now on to my internship!!

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