Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Updates

We apologize for the extreme lack of blogging. Life has been crazy busy to say the least.

We have had some fun over the past couple of weeks.

At the beginning of May we recreated our first date! Kyle bought me a single rose and we headed off to eat at Zupas and go mini golfing. It was so fun to remember how we first connected and to just have a lot of fun with each other! On our first date we went to the park and watched a movie on my laptop, but this year it was a little cold and we had a couch all to ourselves, so we decided to just watch a movie together it home.

This weekend we decided we were going to watch seasons of 24 since I haven't seen them all and it is an amazing show! We've been working on season 3 yesterday and just loving it! It's hard to pull ourselves away from the TV to sleep or be productive haha! We decided last night at about 10pm that we were going to build a fort to watch the show it. We pinned blankets to the ceiling with tacks and brought our couches together to create a big bed/couch. We filled the fort with blankets, pillows and snacks and watched a couple episodes before bed. Let's see how long it takes us to take down our fort!

Our FHE's have been very fun lately because the weather has been amazing! We usually go to the park and enjoy the grass and play some kind of sport. We have a volleyball and frisbee and we just love taking them to the park and playing for a little bit. We love provo spring, and we spend as much time in it as we can!

Kyle and I have been very busy with school lately. We are both taking a lot of classes, and Kyle has a full day of work on top of that. It seems like we are constantly taking tests and doing homework, but it's worth it!! In a month I start my 6 month internship at Central Lab in Murray, UT. I am extremely excited to get into the hospital, but really nervous to drive there (I've been learning how to drive stick shift, because that's the car Kyle has...and let's just say I'm not quite perfect yet).

This past week my teeth have been aching because my wisdom teeth decided they wanted to move all over. Over the years I thought I could get away with not getting them out, but this week has proved me wrong! I've had to be on pain medication all week just to function. It's been a trial, but I made an appointment to get them out at the beginning of June. It's going to be quite the weekend, because I am getting my teeth taken out on friday morning, and my finals start that next tuesday, and we leave for Kentucky that next friday. It will all work out though! (hopefully!)

Well there's the Richardson spring update for you! I promise we will try to blog more often! Promise!!

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  1. Brad and I just finished watching the 4th season of 24! (In two days) haha It is so addicting and once you start another season there is not turning it off.