Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Instagram Update

Since I use instagram constantly... Our lives are constantly being documented... So here is a Richardson update via iPhone!!!

Kyle and I are in the same abnormal psych class...which means we take the same tests. Today we got our written part back and I thought it was funny to compare how much Kyle wrote (left) to how much I wrote (right). I need to learn how to not write freakin novels on the written portions of my exams. 

Our memorial day was pretty fun! These are pictures we took as we soaked up the sun at the park. 

This is our first memorial day BBQ! Well...we tried to BBQ at least. We couldn't get the coals hot enough for some reason...so we just used our George Foreman grill instead. (We did have open flames though...so we used those to roast our corn...and it was good!!)

One of our recent date nights was going to Comedy Sports on center street. It was absolutely hilarious! We were laughing super hard the whole time!!

I teach baby Elizabeth great things!

Some guy gave us this flyer...and I REALLY wanted to go see this movie...but I had to go write a paper :( 

This is my backpack. The zipper broke on the pocket that holds all of my pencils, my calculator, my chargers, etc. I still wanted to use my backpack for the last 2 weeks of classes that I'll ever have...so I stapled this pocket shut after taking everything out and finding a new place for it. I'm sure I got some weird stares on campus today. 

Tried it...not very impressed. Sorry Taco Bell.

this is the folder for that my internship coordinators gave me Monday. I've been communicating with them for 6 months and I'm pretty sure I've told them 4-5 times that my new last name is Richardson...and my first name is Lauren not Laura....Maybe by the end of my internship they will have it right haha!

One of our favorite things to do is go to the temple and then go somewhere delish to eat afterwards! So great!!!

Well that's the latest Richardson update. Finals in t-minus 7 days...then off to Kentucky!!!

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