Friday, June 8, 2012

Wisdom Teeth

I finally got my wisdom teeth pulled this morning. I was a little nervous but I actually had a blast! I got to watch a movie the whole time, experience laughing gas (which I LOVED...I'm such a druggie!) and I got to see my GIANT wisdom teeth after I was finished. It only took them about an hour, and that hour was fun because I got to just lay back, watch a movie, and feel really loopy and great. After my procedure, the laughing gas was still in my system, so I interviewed myself (and I don't remember this F.Y.I.). Kyle just went a long with it and laughed at me while I rambled for 8 minutes about the craziest thing. After I took a nap today, I was just going through my phone and I discovered this video and just is just way to funny. So here ya go...for your entertainment...Lauren on drugs, no make up and everything!

i also apparently declared Keeping Up with the Kardashians was my favorite show and I instagramed a picture of my face (I don't remember any of this).

I am feeling pretty good right now...its been about 12 hours since they started and I barely have any pain...which is good...because I need to start studying for my finals that are next week!! EEEK!

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