Friday, July 27, 2012

Richardson Family Reunion

Last week Kyle and I got to spend a couple days with the Richardson grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. It was such a fun couple of days and it was fun seeing (and meeting for me) all the family on the Richardson side! Everyone was so awesome and so fun! 

Heres what went down this reunion:

Friday: In the morning everyone went on the Grotto trail hike (Kyle and I missed we did it this past Pioneer day). That afternoon everyone met up at a Chinese restaurant in Spanish Fork to eat a delicious feast! The food was so good and it just kept coming! We were all so full by the end of the dinner! We then went back to Mama Mae and Papa Kay's townhouse and tie-dyed shirts and told funny stories. After hanging for a couple hours, some of us went to see the Dark Night Rises while the others headed to Salt Lake to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert.

Saturday: In the morning everyone headed to the Mt. Timpanogous temple for an endowment session. Then everyone met up at the town house for a delicious breakfast! After breakfast we all headed to Utah Lake to ride Jet ski's, slack line, play bingo, and hang out! It was a fun day filled with laughing, sunburns, and broken jet skis. After the lake we headed over to the Landis's house for DELICOUS bbq ribs! We also got to sit around as a family and sing, talk, and hear great stories! We played games and also got to watch old home movies of Mama Mae and Papa Kay and their kids growing up! It was a really special day!

Sunday: Sunday was a travel day for everyone, but Kyle and I had to stay behind because of work and my internship. We got to spend the morning with Kyle's dad and go to church with him as well. It was a great Sunday Morning!

I took limited pictures on my phone (I was having WAY too much fun!) but here is what I captured:
Kyle was a natural at the slack line!
I was a little shaky!
THE CUTEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!! ( I keep begging Kyle for one!)
Utah Lake!
The Tie-Dyed shirts turned out awesome!
working on the shirts
I needed Kyle's help haha
Aunt Joan was a pro!
Literally all of the older Richardson cousins had rainbow sandals (the best flip flops in the world!)

Kyle and I love our families!!!

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