Monday, July 9, 2012

What Instagram has to Say about that!!!

Here is a Richardson update via instagram (my favorite thing to occupy my time)...

We love drumsticks (a little too much)
Watching the Stadium of Fire fireworks show! 
Love fireworks!
Just signing the declaration...nbd
I did too!
The light that comes through our window at night is really REALLY bright....this is Kyle's solution
I made this (thanks pinterest)!
You best believe I took a million pictures of the fireworks!
Our favorite thing about Provo summer...Shaved ice!!!
Seven Peaks-in it up!
Utah keeps catching on fire! Its really scary! But last week we saw a miracle! Everyone fasted and prayed for rain to help with the fires and we got a huge rain storm last wednesday! It was amazing!!!
4th of July BBQ dinner! YUM!
What a cutie!
I could barely finish this thing!!!
Waiting for the fireworks to start
What a happy summer couple!!!!

Kyle and I are having a great July thus far! Yay for married life+summer!!!

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