Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bye Bye College Besties!!!

Today was a bitter-sweet day. I said goodbye to my college besties....Kelli and Candy. We've been friends since the dorms, and we've always stayed in touch throughout our BYU years! We are all so different but we get along so well and just have the best time together! Candace is moving to Qatar for two years to teach and to meet a foreign hottie to marry, and Kelli is leaving on her mission to Florida in just a couple of weeks! Kyle and I will eventually leave Provo, so we are all going to be far away from each other for a long time! It has been the best 4 years because I've had these girls as my friends, and I will miss them dearly, but all of our lives are going in such positive directions its impossible not to be happy for both of them! We will always be friends and I know we will visit each other throughout our lives! I love these girls! 

Here are some pictures of us over the years:

candy and I loving each other in the dorms!!
HAHA I found this and died....its a picture of candy and tyler!!!!
right after finals freshman year!!!

sophomore year at my birthday dinner!!
Junior year hanging at mi casa!!

senior year meeting up with our "boyfriends" Tyler and Cameron. They had just gotten home from their missions.

After a long 4 years, we finally graduated!!!! Candace in Special Education, Kelli in Psychology, and me in Clinical Laboratory Science!!! 
Our last day together :(
We will always be so silly together!!
Kelli making a master piece at Zupas. She always did this in the cannon center freshman year!
Kelli likes to tease Candy!

Good Luck Candace teaching in Qatar and good luck Kelli on your mission! I will always consider you guys some of my best friends and I know we will always keep in touch! Love you both!!!

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  1. Aaaawwwww cuuute! I love this! I've never even seen that sunglasses picture of all of us even though I totally remember taking it! Imma miss you, girlie!