Saturday, August 18, 2012

What instagram has to say about that!!

Here is a small Richardson update via Instagram:

Last week our friend Bridget got married and we went to her reception! It was a lot of fun and filled with crepes and a Photo Booth!!! 
We went to dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's house last Sunday...and Kyle was trying out the massage chair
Hanging at the provo river
watching the closing ceremonies for the Olympics....and it was weird!
just going on a walk in my cute new shirt and watch
Bridal Veil Falls! So pretty during the summer!
My new super cool watch! It's rose gold...which I am currently obsessed with!
This week I had to work early morning phlebotomy rounds during my internship! This involved getting up at 2:30am...and starting my draws at 4:00am. Let me tell you...the patients dont like being woken up at 4am.
The photobooth at Bridget's reception...Kyle and I are so attractive....
The river behind Bridal Veil falls! 
Kyle and I decided to try a pinterest recipe of our favorite drink...Cucumber Mint limeade!!! It was delish!
We went to the mall...and Kyle found this ridiculous robe...and no...he didnt buy it! (thank goodness)
I had to re-memorize the order of draw...just in case you all wanted to know
beautiful flower at the mall! I love bright pink flowers!
Since I had a couple days off this week...I did  A LOT of crafting!!! This is one of my creations...a chalkboard menu planner! YAY!

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