Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall is in the Air!

I am so excited! It's my favorite time of the year!!! It is finally fall, which means boots, scarfs, hats, pea coats, jeans, leaves changing colors, heated blankets, football, and hot cocoa! Fall has always been my favorite season, even though where I grew up...there was a lack of seasons. Fall always seems new, exciting and fresh! I love the brisk, cool air blowing on my face, I love needing to wear a cardigan wherever I go, and I LOVE looking up at the mountains and seeing the leaves on all the trees changing to red and orange. Fall also has a lot of exciting things going on; school starting, football games starting (even though winter is my favorite for season holla!), Kyle and I got engaged in the fall, my birthday is in the fall, and I love Halloween and Thanksgiving!

The sad thing about this fall is that I don't get to wear all my favorite fall clothes everyday. I wear scrubs, nike shoes, and minimal accessories. By the time the weekend hits, all I want to do is be lazy and wear my yoga pants, bear paw slippers, and a comfy don't blame me if I feel a little sad. I decided though that when I get my REAL big girl job (and not just my unpaid full time internship) I will wear business casual to work every once in a while, so I can feel pretty sometimes! (although I am NOT complaining about wearing scrubs...have you ever worn Grey's Anatomy scrubs? They are more comfy than PJ's!!)

Kyle and I have a pretty fun fall planned. Even though full time school and part time work is getting in the way, we will still be outdoors hiking, enjoying the fall, and having a fun holiday season. So far we plan on hitting up Tucano's for my big 2-3...dressing up in 'something' for halloween (we really can't decide what to be this year...), and spending almost 2 weeks with my family come thanksgiving time. And what a way to end the fall season than by me finishing my internship, taking my BYU comprehensive exams so I can officially graduate, and then taking my boards so I can officially become the sugar mama!

In honor of fall, I want to list some of my favorite fall fashion (that I don't get to wear everyday):


1. Hunter boots with sweater socks! I have grey hunter boots and they are amazing! (and waterproof)
2. Maxi+chambray top+pearls- perfect everyday outfit that is comfy!
3. Nude colored trench- its neutral so it matches everything!
4. turban beanie- I have this exact one in is just too cool for school!
5. animal print scarf- a great way to spice up any outfit! Even if it is just a sweatshirt as seen above!
6. Steve Madden Boots! I have this pair and the Intyce pair...seriously a splurge but SO WORTH IT! They go with everything I wear!
7. light blouses with bow ties, collars, or any embellishment. Looks great alone, with a cardigan or a pencil skirt
8. Mustard cardigan- its especially wonderful if it is a thick one with lots of texture- perfect for cold weather and adding a little more life to an outfit
9. Sweaters with giant hearts on them. I love this one and the ones being offered at J crew at the moment
10. pearls+mustard+plaid= fall essential
11. Animal print cardigan. Pair it with ANYTHING and you will look amazing! (I bet I could wear it with my scrubs and it would still look awesome!)
12. knit beanie- I love this pink one, but I would love any color beanie like this! Keeps those ears warm and perfect for covering up "I just woke up and am running late" hair

Hair, Beauty, Accessories

1. nude nail polish+ a sparkle finger- looks professional and sassy!
2. nude eyeshadow- simple yet pretty! (and easy to do at 4am!)
3. wavy bob- for us short hair people
4. layer on those necklaces! The more vintage looking the better!
5. top knot bun- for those lazy days (and YES you CAN do this with short hair!)
6. red lipstick- husbands might not want to kiss you, but you still look awesome!
7. leather brown bag- neutral so it goes with everything (and oh how I wish I had this Michael Kors bag)
8. vintage bling earrings- this is actually one accessory I CAN wear at the I go all out with sparkle!
9. peach lipstick- for the laid back makeup days
10.cap toe shoes- any color looks awesome! I just think these look so cool with anything!
11. sparkle iphone case- come have to admit you need a little bling in your life!
12. Layering bracelets with a gold watch! looks amazing, but keep the other accessories to a minimum, so you don't look like you are over-doing it or from the 80's
13. Matte nail polish- I don't know what it is about it...but I think it just looks amazing! And I love that brown color!
14. Messy waves and awesome vintage sunglasses. Just looks so laid back and cool!
15. Braids, Braids and MORE BRAIDS!!! seriously my go-to hair style for the lab...and it looks like I spent a lot of time on my hair!

As for Kyle and I's current life updates: We are both working hard studying and taking tests and living for the weekend. Our pet mice are doing great, and cute as ever. They are getting more comfortable and like to ride on our shoulders and give us little squeaks in our ears to tell us they love us! (but seriously you guys...if you are a newly married couple, don't want a high-maintanence pet, and don't have kids, rodents/hamsters are the way to go! They're cute, funny, and you don't have to do much to take care of them). Kyle is getting closer and closer to being done with his undergrad, and I am getting closer and closer to my boards(aahh!). The plan right now is to move to Texas sometime after Kyle is done with BYU school, but we shall see what happens with my job situation. You never know what direction life will take you in until you get there! 

Last Sunday Kyle and I got to attend the Brigham City temple dedication. It was my first temple dedication with my endowments taken out, and it was just an all-around spiritual experience. All of the talks were so perfect, and exactly what I wanted to hear that day. The sweetest part was seeing how happy President Boyd K. Packer was to have a temple where he was born and grew up! He was so cute and so excited to finally have that temple there! Kyle and I love the temple and are so lucky to have so many beautiful temples so close by! 

In summary, my feelings about life can be summarized by a quote from tonight's episode of Modern Family: "You have a big hole in your heart from not having a baby, and you want to shove a cat in there!"That's right...I am baby hungry, but to off-set that hunger...I want a kitten. Kyle doesn't agree on the whole "let's adopt a kitten thing". Maybe someday I'll convert him to liking cats haha. 

Life is grand and Kyle and I love married life! This 9 months has gone by so fast, and we are so excited to experience what life has to offer us! 

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