Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just in case you wanted to know

Here are some little updates on Kyle and I:

Kyle is working really hard in school. It's only the 4th week of the BYU semester and Kyle's classes are in full swing! He's already had a couple papers and tests. He still works for BYU humanities doing IT work, and he really loves it! Since he is a full time student now, he only works part time, but classes are more fun anyways! He continues to play Diablo III with his brother every week for manly bonding time, while I get to be at home and study for my friday tests.  He is always helping me around the house cooking and cleaning and he enjoys watching our regular comedies on TV for our downtime of the day.

I am about half way done with my clinical experience! I take my chemistry final THIS FRIDAY then move onto molecular pathology. I am sad to leave the Riverton hospital, but I am excited to start working at Central lab and LDS lab. I still have a lot more tests to accomplish before I am done...including my comprehensive exams at the beginning of December and my Board exams that I plan on taking in January, but I am just loving the intern life (even though I don't get paid). I just applied for a lab assistant job at the Utah Valley lab, which is a full time job that I would do after my internship is over everyday. It pays well and I can study if I need to during my downtime, so it's a great fit! I won't be home much (sorry honey) but I'll be getting EVEN MORE experience under my belt in preparation for my first medical technologist job (so hopefully I get this job haha!).

This week Kyle and I hit our 9 months of being married! It has seriously FLOWN by and been so amazing. We've picked up many hobbies we like to do with each other, as well as hobbies we like to do on our own. Married life is absolutely wonderful and I can't wait for the next 50+ years!! We plan on celebrating this weekend by going out for Sushi (YYYYUUUUUUUMMMMM) and creating a bucklist of all the things we want to do together before we bite the dust. ♥ date nights with my man!

Well that's the short.but.oh.so.sweet. Richardson update. Have a wonderful week!

PS: yes...our mice are doing wonderfully! We love them and I am constantly taking pictures of them on instagram (but I'm sure you all know that already).

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