Monday, September 3, 2012

We Are Becoming Very Rural

Kyle and I have been up to a lot these past couple of weeks. We've really been enjoying our three day weekend and we have had a really fun past week. Here are some updates on our lives.

Last week Kyle and I discovered an amazing sushi place in Provo. They have sushi rolls that are buy 1 get 1 free! We were in heaven! It's definitely going to become a regular date night for us!

Kyle and I also discovered Plato's closet. I found some AMAZING finds there and I am totally hooked!  I also found my new favorite pair of pants...which are green!!!! I will definitely go there before heading to the mall to get regular price clothes!

Ever since I made my chalk board menu planner, I've loved trying pinterest recipes! I've had so many favorites that I've favorite being cucumber limeade, P.F. changs copycat mongolian beef, and chicken pot pie biscuits. Kyle and I also attempted to make homemade lasagna and it turned out awesome! Any of you provo people are invited over to dinner!

This past week Kyle and I have been working really hard in school and at the hospital. Kyle started one of his last semesters at BYU, and I am working hard in my chemistry rotation. After a long week, Kyle and I headed out to dinner and then off to return a gift at Bed Bath and Beyond. I love this store so I was really excited to explore it! After exploring this amazing store, I begged Kyle to go next door to Petsmart to look at the animals. We headed in there and looked at all the fish, lizards, gerbils, and cats. I fell in love with a kitten there, and started to cry because I felt so sad it was in a cage and I really wanted to take it home. We can't have pets in our apartment, so Kyle had to drag me away from the kitty. We ended up falling in love with these two "fancy mice" and we bought them and took them home! We were laughing so hard that we bought these rodents, but they are seriously the cutest pets! ( and so easy to take care of). Their names are Aureus (after my favorite bacteria Staphylococcus aureus) and pooper. They are so fun to play with and we love our little mice!!

This past sunday we had an Ellsworth family dinner up in West Point, UT. We brought Heather up with us to the dinner and had a lot of fun! There were a lot of fun animals to play with up there (including a cow, horse, chickens, koi fish, and a cute dog). We also played pool, played on a slot machine, and had really delicious food! It was fun spending the evening with extended family!

This labor day Kyle and I headed up the canyon to have a picnic, wade in the Provo River, and go geocaching. We had a lot of fun hiking and enjoying the mountains! We will miss the mountains when we move away!

Here are some pictures that I've taken on my iPhone/ uploaded to instagram...sorry they are all out of order...but I'll put captions on them so they make more sense:

Cousin Kate playing on the slot machine at our family dinner
Aureus watching a movie with me. Isn't he a cutie!!!
eating our picnic by the river on Labor Day!
Our little mice love to cuddle in their igloo
Aureus in the ball...the mice love this thing!
Kyle and I have been trying a lot of pinterest recipes lately...this is called chicken pot pie biscuits. They were delicious!  
Love wild flowers!
delish sushi!
Utah mountains
oOoO yummy!
just hiking and looking for a geocache. 
Our homemade lasagna! So goooooood!
My favorite green pants and my new cheetah sperry's! 
Cousin Mia the gangsta
These rolls were soooo good!
hanging in the mountains
Just hiking around!
Sassy cousins
just some daily yoga
We made them a ramp so they could play on the table
Homemade Mongolian Beef....this stuff was amazing! Everyone NEEDS to cook it!
I love mango and I love hiking
Aureus and Pooper. We love them!

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