Saturday, December 22, 2012

1 Year

1 year ago...this happened 

On December 20th, Kyle and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary! We are no longer newly weds! We had a really fun day! We spent the afternoon window shopping at our favorite stores, and looking at all the fun deals going on right before Christmas. We then went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, P.F. Changs...and we pigged out! We then headed to the Riverwoods, to paint at Color Me Mine. We painted a plate together, and we painted all of our favorite memories on the plate. It turned out really cute and fun! We can't wait to get it back glazed! After painting, we walked around the Riverwoods looking at all the lights and listening to the live Christmas music being played. The Riverwoods is so beautiful during Christmas, so we had a lot of fun. While driving home, we decided to drive through the neighborhoods to check out the Christmas lights. The houses we drove past were all pretty lame...but we did find one house that was crazy lit up! It was a fun adventure!

Being married for 1 year has been absolutely wonderful! We are so excited for the many great things that will happen to us in our lives!

Here are some pictures from the day:

Kyle got me a beautiful 1 year anniversary band. It looks so wonderful with my ring!! 

P.F. Changs

tiramisu and blueberry cheesecake...YUM!

Our plate before the glaze! 

So fun!

Christmas lights at the Riverwoods

We found santa's house 

sitting in santa's chair

The only cool house in Provo

We ate our cake topper! It was gross...but since we took one bite...we will have good luck right?


We got these goblets at walmart when we were dating, and we like to drink out of them on special occasions.

It was a wonderful anniversary! Being married to each other is

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