Sunday, December 9, 2012

Frontrunner, New Jobs, and Christmas Lights!!!

The Richardson home has had an exciting week this past week! 

The first exciting news...I (Lauren) received my first REAL WORLD job out of school! I've been interviewing like crazy and working hard to make my resume and cover letter perfect, and I finally landed a job this past week! 
And here's the crazy part about all this...

literally 2 hours after I accepted my 1st job...
I accepted a SECOND job that fit right into the time off that I have for my first job! 

So that's going to be my life for a while, working two jobs as a Medical Technologist! And you guys...I AM PUMPED! 

Here's a brief overview of the two amazing jobs I just landed! 

The first is a job at Intermountain Medical Center in the transfusion department. I will be doing basic blood typings and antigen identifications, as well as rushing blood up to traumas. Since IMC is a level 1 trauma hospital, that means all major traumas go there, and I give them blood!
The next job is with Central Utah Clinic and I will be working as a generalist within a couple of locations. I will be working PRN, which means whenever they need me. I'm really excited to be a generalist AND a hard core Blood Banker!!!

This past Saturday the Frontrunner train opened in Utah and they offered a free riding day for everyone in the area. The frontrunner is built to run all the way from Provo to Ogden, and it hooks up to Trax and other rails that lead to the airport and such. Kyle and I took advantage of the free ride day and we went to Temple Square to see the lights! It was so fun riding the train and especially fun seeing the temple square lights! I've seen the lights a bunch of times, but it is always so fun! Kyle and I grabbed some hot cocoa, walked around and enjoyed the beauty of the temple and the sparkling trees, and then checked out the new mall that's right next to temple square! The craziest part was that it started snowing like crazy on us! It was extra fun to be outside and it felt extra- Christmasy! (except when we had to wait in line for the train at the end of the day). It was a great Christmas Saturday!

Here are some pictures:

One of my favorite temples! So beautiful! 

freezing while standing in line for the frontrunner

Excited for our train ride! 

My favorite pink lights!

Snowing SO HARD!!!


Love him!!!! Almost a year of marriage!!!! ♥

typical us

Kyle and I are getting extra excited for our anniversary and Christmas! We are just hanging out in Utah for both events, but it will be fun!

Merry Christmas!!

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