Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 in Review

Kyle and I had a great 2012!
It was our first year of marriage and it was full of trying new things together and experiencing holidays together for the first time! 

Here are some of the fun things Kyle and I got to experience in 2012:

We got our first apartment together in Provo, UT
I graduated from BYU in Clinical Laboratory Science
We experienced our first Valentines Day and 4th of July together!
We got our first Christmas tree and decorated it!
We took a trip to Kentucky and it was the first time Kyle had been there
We celebrated our first anniversary together
Kentucky Wildcat basketball became the national champions! Kyle and I watched the game with all the UK fans in Utah! It was epic!
We learned how to slack line together and we bought our first line!
We had an epic Halloween costume! It's going to be hard to beat that!
We got to see so many of our friends get married! I got to be a bridesmaid in Kiah's wedding and Kyle was a groomsman in Levi's wedding!
We had many amazing dates including sushi, color me mine, visiting a pumpkin patch, sledding and going to the movies!
We purchased our first iphones and ipads!
We traveled to Las Vegas!
I finished my 6 month internship and got my first real world job!
We bought our first pets together! Pooper and Aureus are the most precious mice!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and we hope everyone has an amazing 2013!

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