Sunday, January 6, 2013

Levi and Mollie's wedding!

This past week Kyle and I got to participate in something very special! Our very best friend, Levi Brewer got married! It was an amazing day and it was so fun to see him and his new wife, Molly so happy! Kyle and I went to the couple's sealing, and it was wonderful! I love sealings! Not only is it so special to watch people you love be sealed for time and all eternity, but it always takes me back to Kyle and I's sealing and what a special experience that was. It is truly special to be able to be sealed to your best friend for eternity, and it was such a great experience seeing our best friend Levi be sealed to his new wife!

Kyle was a groomsman for Levi, so it was fun to be there for pictures with everyone and to see these two best buds being together on Levi and Mollie's day!

Here are some pictures from this beautiful couples wedding! We sure love the Brewers!

They are married!!!

groomsmen plus the groom!

cutting the cake!


It was truly such an amazing day! Kyle and I are truly happy for Levi and Mollie and we can't wait for the many double dates ahead of us! 

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