Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years!

Happy New Years everyone! Kyle and I spent our break from work cuddling,sledding,hiking in the snow, and watching movies! It was very relaxing to just be together on New Years and watch the famous ball drop in NYC!

We hope everyone's 2013 is amazing! Ours will be!

Here are some pictures from our New Years!

Giant Icicles! 

I rolled around in the snow trying to get up

Snowy Trail

Love Snowballs

This man was slacklining in between 2 mountain peaks! It was insane!

New Years Kiss!! 

Happy New Years!

Sledding on New Years Eve is how we celebrate

We finally lit our lanterns! (they were supposed to be lit on our wedding day haha)

totally tangled am I right?!

tangled lanterns!

We got ipads...they are pretty awesome!

Happy 2013!

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