Sunday, February 3, 2013

Kyle had a Birthday!

This past Friday Kyle turned the big 2-5! We had a really fun weekend to celebrate!

After a long day of work and school, Kyle and I headed to Zupas to eat some delicious salads and sandwiches. We love Zupas and we use every excuse to go there!

Afterwards we went home to eat a giant cake and some ice cream!

Heather came over and we had fun blowing out the sparkler candles and singing to Kyle over and over again.

Saturday we headed to Mama Mae and Papa K's townehome for dinner, singing, and games! We saw cousin Rob and had a lot of fun laughing together. Mama Mae ended up totally killing us in the game Wits and Wagers. It was a fun night! 

Here are some pictures from Kyle's big day:

Just some Giorgio Armani for birthday Boy

J Crew

the GIANT cake

What a handsome birthday Boy!

We love Birthday's in this house.

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