Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love Day 2013 edition

Kyle and I had a really fun V-day. It mostly consisted of school and work, but luckily we got to meet up in the evening for Love Day festivities.
Kyle and I opted for Valentine's day to take place at home (there is NO WAY we were going to go to the chaotic restaurants).
Kyle picked me up from the train station and surprised me with a bunch of flowers, a sweet (and funny) poem, some bread and honey butter, and chocolate! We then made a steak dinner (New York Strip...super fantasy) and ate it with candle light and music. We then watched a romantic comedy together! 
It was low-key and amazing. We love Valentine's day in our house!

Kyle got a bunch of candy with cute sayings on them for Valentine's day.

Princess Cat chocolate. Yum!

Red scrubs to work

Kyle got me a love cookie! We took a bite out of it at the same time...and it was really gross.

We both wore red on Vday...so cute!


our salad had heart shaped veggies

I told Kyle all I wanted for V-day was bread and honey butter from campus, and he got it for me! 

Love Day Mums!

Our dinner for two

We hope everyone's V-day was great!

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