Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Lab Week!

No I'm not talking about dogs...

I'm talking about Laboratory week! One week out of the year lab professionals get recognized for their hard work and nerd tendencies! 

It's been a GREAT week so far!
Since our department (Transfusion) isn't connected to the Central Laboratory building, we do our own activities on top of central's activities. 

Monday's festivities included an iron chef competition. The secret ingredient for the day...BACON! All of the food was delicious! Around 10pm, my coworker Bryant decided to just cook straight up bacon, and it was delicious. Our lab smelt like bacon for a couple hours after that, and it was glorious!

The rest of the week's activities include having a catered lunch thanks to our WONDERFUL pathologists, decorating cookies (we call them cookie differentials), completing puzzles and games for raffle tickets, and of course, the EPIC penny hunt.

What's a penny hunt? Well, it's about the most fun hide and seek you can play in the lab...but it drives you insane. One of our coworkers hid 13 pennies in various places within the lab, and our job throughout the week is to find them. Now, most of you probably have never been into a clinical lab, but trust me when I say...there are A LOT of places to hide tiny pennies. We have been tearing our lab apart trying to find them. And I'm happy to report that I am in the lead having found 4 pennies. 

Another fun thing that we are doing throughout the week are our minute-to-win-it challenges. We have a program going on in Transfusion called Blood Bank Steppers. We each have a pedometer and we record our steps and exercises that we do throughout the week. We have various prizes and competitions to go with it, but the main goal is to keep the blood bank healthy and fit! Our minute-to-win-it challenges are exercise challenges....and they are HARD! The funniest challenge is to see how many bicep curls we can do in a minute with our blood coolers (with one coolant pack inside). Those coolers are heavy as it is...so my arms were killing me! It was fun to do these exercise challenges with my coworkers last night...and we shall see who wins the Jamba Juice gift card!

I just love being a medical laboratory scientist, and I LOVE where I work. My blood bank family is the best, and we have way too much fun together! 

Emily Hall rocking her cooler bicep curls

As part of our goodie bags, we received these test tubes with candy Erythrocytes in them. SO CUTE!

Emily B. looking for pennies

We made decorations to hang from the ceiling in the lab, and this is one of our WBCs eating Bryant's head

Other than lab week Kyle and I have a busy week of our own! On top of moving to Eagle Mountain this week, Kyle is finishing up his last finals of his undergrad career and walking in the BYU graduation ceremonies! Kyle's parents are coming into town, so it will be fun to be able to celebrate with them and with Heather. On Wednesday this week we also have another ultrasound at the Dr.'s office, so we are excited to see our little one and how much he or she has grown! 

All-in-all, this week is a pretty great week for the Richardson's! 

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