Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Bump Updates

Life has been treating the Richardson home very well lately.
We absolutely love our new condo in Eagle Mountain, UT.

Kyle and I spend the majority of our time working and planning for baby. Occasionally we are able to facetime with family, go on warm spring walks, and watch some movies. 

Speaking of movies...have you all seen the new Star Trek yet? Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing. The ending also made me extremely happy...because it has to do with my career as a Blood Banker (I won't give the ending away...but just know that I was on the verge of tears I loved that movie so much).

As far as Baby Richardson goes....

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant (where has time gone?!)

Our little one is currently 5 1/2 inches long and weights a whole 7 ounces! Baby is the size of a bell pepper!
The cool thing about second trimester is that our baby goes through a major growth spurt, so it's fun to find out how much our baby has grown each week!

I have a baby bump! It's exciting! I've also started to transition into maternity clothes.
I love maternity clothes...they are so stretchy and comfy. I would be lying to you if I said I was going to stop wearing them after I've given birth.

this is 16 weeks pregnant

My toes are slowly disappearing!

We had to change our ultrasound appointment with our doctor, because our old appointment conflicted with now instead of finding out this week...we find out the gender of our little one on June 14th.

We are VERY antsy to find out what the gender of our baby is! (feel free to comment and leave your guess on the gender!)

I haven't been very good about taking pictures of my growing can blame exhaustion for that one. But I promise it will get better!

18 weeks pregnant (ya...sorry for how un-cute my belly pictures are)

18 week toes picture

I have pretty much said goodbye to morning sickness at this point (Hurray!). I am gaining a little energy here and there...but growing a baby really takes a tole on you! I still sleep a ton! My feet have also started to swell up and I've been experiencing the sciatic nerve pinching a lot of women experience during pregnancy. If you came to my lab while I was there, you'd probably see me stretching or with my feet up on my lab bench.

I also LOVE pickles. I could eat them constantly.

Kyle and I recently went to Ikea and bought a bunch of much needed furniture for our home, and some of that furniture included a baby crib and a dresser for baby! It's fun to walk by the future nursery and see actual baby things inside! 

Well that's about it for the Richardson update this week. Stay tuned or more updates of our baby and our new condo (it's currently still being decorated...I promise I'll post pictures when it looks nice).

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  1. I had no idea you were pregnant!! Congratulations that's so exciting!