Sunday, June 23, 2013

22 weeks

My toes are slowly disappearing! 

I feel really great at this point in my pregnancy. I get enough sleep, I'm able to hold all my food down (including my prenatal pills), and I feel really pretty! That's right...even though my body is stretching out and I have a big belly, I love my pregnancy body! 

Now that Kyle and I know that we are having a little boy, preparations are in full swing! We were finally able to decide what we wanted to do for our little boy's nursery, and we've started registering at a few different stores for baby boy things (well...the big stuff is gender neutral, so it will last a long time). My Aunt Ange just gave us a bunch of my cousin Lucas's old baby clothes, and we love having tiny clothing in our house! We have loved folding and organizing all of the cute onesies, hats, pants, and blankets! It's starting to feel more real now that we have tiny clothing for our little boy! 

Ever since finding out we are having a little boy, I have learned so much about boys and how amazing they are! I love watching all the little boys at church run around. I can't wait to have a little rambunctious baby boy! Everything about little boys are so wonderful, saying we are excited to have a son is an understatement! 

Kyle and I have narrowed down boy names that we like (which is kinda a miracle). We have narrowed it down to 3 names...but they won't be revealed quite yet. We probably won't know the exact name of our little boy until he is born anyways (because I change my mind practically everyday). 

Baby Boy's statistics for week 22:
Length: 11 inches long (the size of a spaghetti squash)
Weight: about 1 pound!
His lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and tiny tooth buds are forming in his gums! 
The eyes have fully formed, but the irises still lack color.
Baby LOVES to kick mommy...especially when she's trying to sleep!
Daddy still can't really feel the tiny baby kicks, but in a couple of weeks, he should be able to feel them !

Lately our life has been filled with work and baby prep. We have done a few fun things during the rare time that Kyle and I are actually together. We decided that during game 7 of the NBA finals we would go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch...since we have yet to purchase a TV and we both love wings! It was a lot of fun despite the drunkards. We ate outside while watching the game, which was awesome because Utah feels so nice in the evenings these days! 

I've also done a lot of baking! I promised my coworkers gender reveal cupcakes a week ago, and they were a hit and really easy to make! I filled the middle of the chocolate fudge cupcakes with blue frosting, so when you bite into them it shows blue! 
I also made DELICIOUS fruit pizza! I usually don't like fruit pizza, because most people use really thick and rich cream cheese frosting....and it overpowers the fruit. Thankfully I remembered that my cousin Liz had the best recipe for fruit pizza I've ever Kyle and I made it one afternoon, and scarfed it down very quickly (too quickly I have to admit). 

So there is the Richardson update from the past couple of weeks! We are looking forward to what the rest of the summer has to offer us! 

Here are some pictures from Instagram and my iPhone from the last couple of weeks:

gender reveal cupcakes from work. YUM!
Baby made this for Daddy for father's day
FRUIT PIZZA!!! Kind of obsessed with it!
Here is the crib skirt I made! It was really easy and quick! 

The crib...thus far

The snoogle pillow is the best invention...ever. Kyle even loves it!

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