Saturday, June 8, 2013

Half Way!!

We have officially hit the halfway mark for Baby Richardson!
Kyle and I are pretty excited about it!

Baby is now the length of a banana and weighs 10.5 oz! I am definitely starting to feel the heavy feeling in my belly!

Next Friday is when Kyle and I get to find out the gender of our baby! We are SO excited to FINALLY find out and get started on decorating the nursery and buying cute baby clothes! 

I am still feeling pretty tired all the time, but that's normal. I am also starting to find it uncomfortable to lay in bed! (oh no!). Major insomnia has hit...not even a tiny bit of sleeping medicine helps! 
Other than not being able to get sleep, I feel great! I don't get sick anymore, and I really enjoy eating whatever I want (that's healthy for mommy and baby). I've been enjoying Kyle and I's evening walks around our neighborhood, and I've been working hard at staying off my feet for long periods of time so my feet don't swell. 

I'm really enjoying having a cute baby bump! I feel like I'm at the point where people can actually tell that I'm pregnant and they aren't secretly guessing in their heads if I'm pregnant vs obese. 

Kyle and I have been doing great. We are really enjoying planning for our future. Kyle will start applying for grad school in the next month and we are both really enjoying our jobs! Eagle Mountain has been treating us very well and we really enjoy the small town feel this place seems to have. 

Well there is the Richardson update for now! Happy Spring (even though it's starting to feel like summer)!

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