Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July 2013

Kyle and I had a really fun 4th of July this year! We had the chance to spend it with the Moody side of the family. The morning started off with breakfast and games! We had delicious pancakes and fruit kabobs and had a lot of fun catching up with everyone! All of my "little" cousins are now teenagers, so they were having fun teaching me how to be hip. We played Uno together and were laughing as we tried to get Grandpa to say " 'Merica ". 

We also got to catch up with cousin Nicole and her husband Brad. Nicole and I are only a year apart, so growing up we were the best of friends and would do everything together at family reunions. We are also both pregnant and the due dates are only a month apart! We got to see how they are doing with the pregnancy and the joy of getting ready for a new baby! 

Later in the day we had a bbq with the family. The food was delicious! Tanner and Ashley then treated us to a show of their talents. They made really cool bow and arrows and had fun shooting them at targets. They also played basketball for us and jumped on their pogo sticks. The show then turned into a talent show for everyone: The aunts did the hula, Kyle and I did some cha cha (which looks super weird with a pregnant lady, I'm sure) and Melissa signed the Taylor Swift song "We are never getting back together". After the show, we lit off some sparklers and went and watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks. It was a great summer day!

Here are some pictures:

We love Sparklers!

Kyle told me to throw a popper at his shirt to see if it would explode...and it did....but it left a burnt mark!

Sparkler fun!

Shooting the home made bow and arrows!

Kyle's turn! 

Hunger games!

Baby gear from the Aunts

Pregnant Cousins!

Girl cousin's +Aunt Michelle

Me, Nicole, and Aunt Michelle

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