Monday, July 8, 2013

Juelaine's Wedding

Kyle and I were able to go on a weekend get-a-way to Las Vegas for Juelaine's wedding! It was a quick trip, but it was a lot of fun!

We started out driving to Vegas Friday morning. When we got into town, we checked into our hotel and headed to the premium outlets because Kyle forgot a tie and I always love to go shopping!
Once we got the the mall, we realized there were tons of sales going on (score!). Kyle got some really awesome sunglasses and a new Banana Republic tie. We also got our little boy some SUPER cute outfits at Carters. I wanted to get some cute shoes (because that's really the only thing in normal sizes that still fit me), but I discovered that walking around an outdoor mall in 110 degree weather will make pregnant lady feet swell! I couldn't get my feet inside any shoes!!! 

Saturday was a great day for us! We headed to the temple in the morning to watch the sealing of one of my best friends, Juelaine (Noa) Ricks! They got sealed in the same sealing room that Kyle and I were sealed in, so it was very special to not only witness Juelaine's sealing, but to be back where Kyle and I were married for time and all eternity! It was such a happy morning! Afterwards we took pictures outside the temple and I had fun smelling my lei (I love plumeria lei's... they smell SOOO GOOD!)
In between the sealing and reception, Kyle and I headed down to the strip for a couple of hours. We went and checked out the Bellagio conservatory and M&M world. Kyle hadn't been to M&M world yet, so it was fun for him to see it! Even though it was CRAZY hot outside, we still had a lot of fun!
We then headed to Juelaine's reception! We had a really fun time! They had a luau, and the food was AMAZING! It was so fun to see Juelaine so happy with her new hubby! We are so excited for Juelaine and Derek and their new marriage! 

Here are some pictures that I took over the weekend:

My tourist picture
Kyle at the M&M factory
M&M world has a giant wall of different colored M&M's. 
So many pretty summer flowers!
I love Sunflowers!
Who doesn't love snails!
The Bellagio
It was a beautiful morning at the temple!
The group getting together for pictures
They did it! Congrats Juelaine and Derek
We love being back at the temple!
I love the Las Vegas temple!

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  1. so im at work and decided to google my name and this came up! its so precious. i love it! miss and love you!