Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Story of Us

This is the story of how Kyle and I became...well...Kyle and I. This is just copied from my old blog...but I wanted our engagement story to be in here somewhere...because let's face's a really important story!

Kyle and I met in February 2011 when Kyle's roommate Levi and I put together a snowboarding trip for us and our friends. Kyle and Levi are bff's so of course he came along. I remember thinking he was extremely attractive and I wanted to sit next to him on the lift (he apparently wanted to as well).

After we went snowboarding and we were leaving Sundance, I shoved a camera in his face (we were filming the whole evening of snowboarding) and I said " Hey look world, This is my boyfriend Kyle!!" I was trying to freak him out/make him feel awkward/ make him notice me...and HE TOTALLY WENT ALONG WITH IT!! He explained to the camera how we've been dating for a couple hours and we are a great couple etc etc etc. I knew right then I wanted to get to know this man.

Kyle, Levi and I at a ward party

Look, Kyle is standing by me...hmmmm.

Sat next to this hottie on the lift :)

We then went to my house and watched a movie and I noticed him playing angry birds on his ipod. I just got the game and I needed help beating some levels. So I cuddled next to him (inconspicuously) and got his help playing the stupid game. That night I saved him in my phone as "Kyle My Hot Boyfriend".

A couple months went by, and we would flirt a lot but we were just friends. I went through some drama and Kyle helped get me through it. That drama ended up making me move to another complex, and I decided to move where Kyle and Levi were living for spring and summer. At least I would know someone right? Well right when I moved there, Kyle started really flirting with me, and he ended up asking me on a walk, a last minute movie date, and a trafalga date. On the trafalga date we were flirting A LOT and we watched a movie after and we ended up kissing. After that date we saw each other everyday until I left for the summer.

Summer 2011 we dated long distance for 2 months! Ah!!! It was long, painful, but worth it. We started planning our wedding at the end of the summer. We didn't tell anyone, I didn't even tell my parents until right before I left :)

On September 24, 2011 Kyle and I started our day off by playing some tennis. I was kinda in a bad mood because I sucked at tennis, and Kyle just dropped me off to shower. We then made pancakes at his house and Levi came home and chatted with us in the kitchen. Kyle all of a sudden asks Levi... "what should Lauren and I do today?" Levi was throwing out ideas like 7 peaks, etc...and Kyle just kept rejecting the ideas. Then Levi said, hey, maybe you should go ride the lifts up at Sundace, its really pretty up there right now. Kyle loved that idea so we went to go look up times. I tried to convince Kyle to wait a couple weeks so we could do the moonlight lift ride, but he was convinced we should do it tonight. So I just went along with it.

At 3:30 Kyle mentioned that we would be taking a lot of pics tonight on the lift (we usually take lots of pictures on our dates) so he asked if I wanted to go home and do my hair ( it was gross and in a ponytail). I said sure so we went to my house, I curled my hair and Kyle played wii. I finished getting ready RIGHT when we had to leave, and I then tried to convince Kyle that we wouldn't make it and we should just do something else. He was NOT going to listen to me, so we sped up the canyon to try to make the lift. We made it just in time and had such a fun time riding it! The mountains in Sundace are soooo beautiful during the fall, so of course, we did take lots of pictures.

After the lift, we walked around and explored Sundace. It is beautiful up there, and its very secluded and peaceful at the resort. As we were walking around, I must admit, I was being slightly obnoxious ( I was singing "Like a G6" and not being very serious). Kyle and I stopped a couple of times and was telling me how much he loved me and that this is a special place for us because this is where we met. It was so sweet and cute, and I loved everything he said. I wasn't being very serious because I just thought it was a  nonchalant date and we were just having fun. He also wouldn't take his hand out of his jacket pocket and I asked him about it and he just smiled at me...and I said he was being weird. Now that I look back, I feel really dumb that I didn't catch on....

Kyle and I were walking on a secluded trail on a hill in Sundance, when we stopped and stood there to admire how pretty it was. He hugged me and told me that he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with me, and he told me how much he truly loved me. We sat there and hugged for a little, then I interrupted him and asked if we could go down now so I could find a bathroom. He ignored me and continued to hug and kiss my cheek (which I thought was really really weird...but he ignores me sometimes so I was just like..whatever). Then, he said "Question." and I (with an attitude) asked what?

Then Kyle pulls a brown box out of his jacket pocket, backs up and gets on his knee. He opened the box with my ring inside and asked if I would marry him. I apparently stared at him for awhile, and then answered YES, YES, YES!!!! He stood up, hugged and kissed me, and put the ring on my finger. We stood there laughing and smiling and still in shock and just filled with so much joy!

After the proposal, we went to dinner at the restaurant up at the resort. We were in a pretty secluded room, and we sat next to a fireplace and had a cute little table all to ourselves. We held hands, smiled, laughed, and texted our family. I kept having to look at my hand to make sure I wasn't dreaming that I had a huge diamond on the finger! At one point during dinner, Kyle leaned to me and said "Lauren, there is a movie star sitting right behind you, but I don't remember his name." When we got home, we googled it and realized we ate dinner 6 in. from Ed Harris (Truman show, bad guy in National Treasure 2, etc). It was pretty exciting/hilarious. What an end to our Sundace adventure!

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