Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vroom Vroom!

That's right! Kyle and I bought our first car! 
It was quite the process...I didn't realize what a process it would be!
(and I can't say that I enjoyed it)
Kyle and I started out researching on the internet cars that we liked based on our budget. That was the easy part. 
After making our list of cars to go look at....we headed out to all the different dealerships to look at the cars. Little did I realize how annoying this would be.
I DO NOT like bartering or trying to work down the price of cars. It makes me SUPER uncomfortable.  Thankfully Kyle is really good at it, or this day would've been a disaster. For the most part, the dealerships were nice to us, and it wasn't too bad...but we went to one dealership and they were SUPER sketchy, it was hot outside, and they were just gross people. So that's when I officially had had it with car shopping.
By the end of the day, Kyle and I ended up picking this beautiful blue Toyota Corolla! It drives GREAT, doesn't have many miles on it, and it's a safe car (which is important for baby!)
We are so excited to be car owners! What grownups we are!

Also baby has been kicking like crazy! I've gotten to the point of my pregnancy where it's really easy to see baby's movements through my skin. Kyle and I enjoy watching his thumps every night, and last night I actually watched my skin stretch out where baby was stretching! All of a sudden there was a little lump forming on my round belly, and it was crazy (I might have screamed from the kitchen...scaring Kyle)!

I'm 26 weeks along as of yesterday...which means I'm ALMOST to my third trimester! YAY!

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