Friday, August 16, 2013

30 Weeks

My toes are officially gone.
Sorry for the super lame mirror I decided it was no makeup Friday.

I seriously can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone for me.
I am already at 30 weeks!

Third trimester hasn't been as easy as my second, but it has it's amazing moments!
Right now I feel very bloated and clumsy. I have to move slower than normal just so I can make sure I am not tripping and falling on my belly. I also have found that I am not getting as good of a nights sleep as I used to...but on the positive side, I am just preparing myself for the next 20 years right?!

My favorite thing about third trimester so far is feeling my little guy move! He is getting stronger and stronger each day! He really likes exercising his little legs when he is awake. He is especially active when I'm trying to get to sleep (what a stinker!). Every little movement and kick that I feel makes me more and more excited to meet our little boy! 

One really cool thing that I discovered a couple weeks ago is that I can roll my snoogle pillow into a doughnut shape...and stick my belly in the middle of the hole...allowing me to lay on my stomach! When Kyle suggested I try this, I thought he was a genius! 
It has literally made me one happy woman.

As for our baby preparations, I am ALMOST done with the nursery! I have only a couple little crafts that need to happen, and our little guys room will be done! We also are almost done getting everything we need for our little guy too! Everything seems to be coming together for Kyle and I, which we are so thankful for! The next couple of weeks will be filled with Dr.'s appointments, working crazy hours, last minute shopping runs, and lots of rest! 

In just a short 48 hours Kyle and I will be heading down to Newport Beach, CA to spend the week with my family. WE ARE PUMPED! We haven't been to the beach since our honeymoon, so we are so excited to soak up the last bit of summer on one of my favorite beaches!
The only thing I'm personally dreading is the 12 hour drive...hopefully my giant belly can handle it!

We hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of summer left! 

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  1. your blog is so cute! love it! =) you look so great btw! Super excited for you to experience being a mommy! It is the greatest thing ever!