Saturday, August 31, 2013

Newport Beach 2013

Kyle and I were able to go down to Newport Beach, CA with my family as our last vacation before we have our little boy. 
We had a ton of fun down there, and enjoyed some much needed vacation time! 

While we were there, we went to Corona del Mar beach to soak up the sun. Kyle and I got pretty sun burnt, but we didn't care! We hadn't been back to the beach since our honeymoon, so we enjoyed every minute of it! 
We also got to go to the LA temple to meet up with my Grandpa and Grandma Ellsworth for a session. That temple was beautiful, and it was fun to see the temple that my parents were married in! 
On our way home, we decided to stop by the Newport Beach temple to see the grounds and take some pictures! Even though we didn't go inside, we loved seeing the landscape and enjoying the spirit there.

On our last night in California, we all went to a really fun sushi place for dinner. They had a belt that carried different sushi rolls right by your table, and you just pick the rolls you want! Kathryn and Elizabeth seemed to love this place...especially when the desserts rolled around! By the time we were all done with sushi, we had piles and piles of plates, and very happy stomachs! 

Kyle and I also had a lot of fun playing around with my sisters. We hardly see them, so it was nice to run around the resort with them. My sisters just love Kyle. They wouldn't ever leave him alone! Elizabeth would even try to follow him to the bathroom, just so she could chat with him. Kyle is a great buddy to my sisters, so I know they had a fun week with him! 

We had a wonderful week and we were very sad to leave California. It was the perfect way to end our summer!

Elizabeth would crawl into bed with us

Corona Del Mar Beach

Elizabeth's strange sleeping positions

LA temple

So pretty!

Newport Beach temple

Another Elizabeth sleeping position

The resort had a bunch of fun activities that you could do. One afternoon we ventured out to play some put put.

Elizabeth liked to pretend that she had a baby in her tummy like her sister

The clubhouse playroom. It was hard to get the little girls out of there!

Pretty Koi ponds around the resort

Corona Del Mar

I buried Elizabeth into the sand so she wouldn't run away

super fun sushi place!

the pool at the resort

LA temple

Newport Beach Temple


Elizabeth with my cool shades

best buds!

ice cream for breakfast. This was my mom's idea.

Me and baby hangin' at the beach

tide pools

Elizabeth chatting with Kyle while he took a potty break

Kathryn locked Kyle in "jail" handcuffed and all.

getting a little tan!

Such a funny picture

Beautiful Newport Beach

Oh ya, and 53 short days until our son's arrival! We can't wait!

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