Saturday, September 7, 2013

33 weeks

I'm getting bigger and bigger! (and so is baby!)

I'm 33 1/2 weeks pregnant as of today...And I think I've officially hit the point of really wanting this little guy out of me! 

It's really uncomfortable for me to go to sleep these days, even with my glorious snoogle pillow. I'm very thankful that Kyle sleeps like a rock, because I toss and turn for multiple hours each night. I am getting used to functioning like a normal human being on little sleep, so that I am thankful for! 

My braxton hicks contractions have been picking up lately. I get them about 1-3 times an hour. They are pretty uncomfortable and they make me feel like I'm burning up with a fever! I usually have to try to sit down during them, but I've found that rocking my hips back and forth also helps me to feel better. I'm more than happy to have these contractions, because that just means I'm getting closer and closer to delivery! 

I've started my 2 week Dr.'s appointments, and in a short couple of weeks I'll be going to get a check up EVERY WEEK! I don't mind going to the Dr., but it is inconvenient. Good thing my Dr.'s office is only a couple floors up from where I work! In two weeks Kyle and I will be doing an all-day birthing class, where we will get a tour of Labor and Delivery and get taught all the exciting things we need to know about labor (my coworker also told me that they teach the husbands how to massage our lower backs, and the instructors make them massage us for a good 30 minutes...and I'm really excited about it).

Baby Richardson is still VERY active. It's really fun to feel all of his little kicks...and now they are as strong as ever! Kyle and I like to watch my belly morph into weird shapes as baby adjusts his position inside the womb. The other night he discovered that he can kick his leg straight up and down, causing my skin to raise a good 3-4 inches. It scared me, but was so funny to see! I've also started to recognize his hiccups, which seem to happen all the time! 

We pretty much have everything ready for our little guy to be here. We still need to get a couple more things on our "buy for baby" list, but they are small things. I also need to get all of my nursing supplies purchased and organized. The very last thing on the list will be to pack the hospital bags and clean/organize our we are completely ready for when I go into labor! 

Here are Baby Boy Richardson's stats as of 33 weeks:
Weight: a little over 4 lbs
Length: about 17.5 inches
Baby is about the size of a pineapple!
The baby skeleton is hardening, except for his skull which will remain soft even after birth
The lanugo hair is disappearing on his body
Baby is busy practicing his breathing by swallowing about a pint of amniotic fluid a day
I will be gaining about a pound a week during these last 7 weeks, and half that weight is going straight to baby to make him nice and plump for the outside world.

In other news: 
My brother Christian came and stayed with us for a couple of days before he headed back up to school at BYU-I. It was nice to have him around the house because not only did we get to catch up, but he kept our house cleaner than we keep it ourselves (which shows who is the responsible sibling lol). 

Today is the BYU vs. Texas football gave down in Provo. Kyle and I both have work today, so we are missing the game, but our house was a little divided today reguardless. I'm cheering for BYU today, but Kyle is cheering for the Longhorns (and a little bit for BYU I suppose). 

Kyle is working very hard right now to finish his applications to Physical Therapy school. He is about finished with his applications and then we begin the waiting game. We are mostly applying to Texas schools (and University of Kentucky) so we will see where we end up! 

That's all for now! Happy Fall (almost)!

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