Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby Richardson's Nursery

We are done with our little boy's nursery! It feels really good to be done with pretty much everything for our little boy. Only 7 more weeks of waiting to go! 

Here's a good view of the whole room. We are lucky to have a very big condo, so baby Richardson get's his very own room! This room was already painted a light yellow, and we aren't allowed to paint the walls in this condo, so I worked with what I had (if I had a choice...the walls would've been light brown or a blue color). The official theme I had for this room was a nautical theme...but it kind of morphed into just a blue and brown baby room. At least the art is nautical lol.

Here is the little crib for our boy. We got it at ikea (the best furniture store ever) for really cheap! It also turns into a toddler bed! You may be wondering what that weird claw thing is mounted on the wall. That would be a mount for an iPad. Kyle and I discovered this AWESOME app called Best Baby Monitor for $4. It's the equivalent to a video baby monitor, only it uses iPads/iphones for the monitor part of it. It allows us to see and talk to baby through our apple devices, which is GREAT! So if you have multiple apple products in your household like we do, I definitely recommend getting this app instead of an actual baby monitor. We have also tested it out many times to make sure it will work as well as a baby monitor, and it REALLY does! It even plays music and is a night light. I couldn't find a crib skirt that I loved or that wasn't I made my own to match the curtains (also hand-made). The stripped sheets I got from Babies r' us and the furry rug we got from ikea. I didn't make/buy a crib bumper, because they make me pretty nervous. I don't want baby to roll-over and suffocate in one of the bumpers, and I think the new breathable bumpers are we are just going without. And check out baby's basket full of comfy blankets! He will be nice and warm this winter!

This glider chair we got from target for pretty cheap (a lot cheaper than the ones at Babies r' us!) It works great and is SUPER comfortable to sit in. The pillow and curtains I made from fabric I found at Joann's and the furry rug is from ikea. 

We had a hard time finding a dresser that was in good shape or that wasn't over-priced...but finally we came across this gem from ikea and decided to make it into a dresser! We also bought the fabric boxes from ikea so they fit perfectly. The art I did myself from scrapbooking paper and later I will fill the shadow box with baby's hospital things (his foot and hand prints, hospital outfit, hospital bands, pictures, etc). We also bought a diaper pail, because we live on the third floor...and there is no way I'm climbing multiple flights of stairs multiple times a day to throw out his diapers (and there's no way I'm letting them sit in a normal trashcan leaving our condo with a nice poop scent). Our diaper pail will hopefully mask the smell and allow our apartment to stay nice smelling. 

Some nautical art

My Aunt Beckie sent us this quote from my Grandma. The frame fit perfectly with the rest of the frames and I just love this quote! Thanks Aunt Beckie!

Here's the closet. Not too exciting. We had these black bins for storage already, so I've just converted them for closet storage for baby's toys and books (later I'll move these things out of the bins into bookshelves). My Aunt Beckie also sent us these awesome vintage wire baskets that I'll eventually fill with books in baby's bookshelf. I bought size dividers from etsy so baby's sweaters and rompers are nice and organized:) My mom gave us the bumbo that my little sisters used when they were babies, but it was purple. I know it doesn't REALLY matter what color the bumbo is, but I wanted it to be more gender neutral. I bought this "sea animals" bumbo cover for about $10 on, and as an added bonus, the cover allows for easier diaper explosion clean up! We also are pretty stocked up on size 1 diapers and baby wipes. We've researched where to get the cheapest diapers, and beat out costco, walmart, and amazon moms! Plus the diapers and wipes got delivered right to our door! 

This isn't necessarily apart of the nursery, but I'm really excited about my diaper bag! It's Vera Bradley and it has houndstooth on the inside. It also came with a changing pad that matches. I chose to get an all fabric bag because I wanted to be able to wash it when I needed too. 

We pretty much have everything we need for our little one (we literally only have about 5 things still left on our list). We are really excited for what's to come 7 weeks from now! We can't wait to meet our little man! 


  1. love the nursery! super cute! =) You will love that rocking chair! We don't have one yet and I wish very often that we did!

  2. It looks amazing! You are so prepared! Not gonna lie this stressed me out a little.... I feel so behind! There is so much to do! Might be giving you a call soon!