Sunday, October 27, 2013

Life Lately- October 2013

I figure I should catch everyone up on our life lately! 

October has been a fun for Kyle and I! A couple of weekends ago, Kyle's sister Courtney, her husband John and their daughter Myka came out to Utah for a weekend. Kyle, Heather and I got to babysit Myka that morning and we had a lot of fun chasing her around. She is a super cutie and we loved chasing her around the playground and watching her watch Wall-E 4 times in a row. We then headed out to BYU campus to walk around and play with the ducks. I also got to relive my previous student life by running across 9th east from Chatham Townehomes with my sister-in-law Heather. Only this time I was 9 months pregnant and probably looked crazy!

Myka chilin' with Uncle Kyle

Richardson siblings (minus 2)

BYU campus

playground fun

Myka and Aunt Lauren selfie

Myka loved our sliding glass door
The next week I also had the chance to drop my baby brother Michael off at the MTC. He was originally supposed to go to the Brazil MTC, but his visa hasn't come in yet, so he headed to Provo. I went with my grandparents to pick him up from the airport. We then headed to In-n-out for a quick bite before heading to the MTC to drop him off. I'm so incredibly proud of my brother for going on a mission! He'll do great in Brazil! I sure do miss him though! 

Kyle and I also got to have a final last-date-before-baby. We decided very last minute that we would go to the BYU spectacular. I never went as a student, so we decided to be alumni supporting the BYU arts! It was a really great show, and we got to see Heather in her role running the backstage. It's always fun being back at BYU! 

Now to finish off our October, we will be welcoming our baby boy very soon!

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