Sunday, October 27, 2013


That's due date has come and gone.

Ask me how I feel about it...

My doctor has been telling me for weeks that she thinks I will just go into labor on my own, I've been dilating and becoming effaced quite nicely (I'm already dilated 3cm and I'm 70% effaced), so I definitely thought I could! For the past 4 weeks I've been working extremely hard to try to get labor going...but no luck. I've definitely had contractions...and they've kept me up all night, but nothing has turned into true labor. I'm starting to think that karma is getting me back for what I did to my own mother (I was super overdue haha). 

This past week, my doctor scheduled me for an induction and an appointment to have a non-stress test performed. The non-stress test was pretty cool, I got to just sit and listen to our baby's heart beat for 20 minutes. He was pretty active the whole time, so his heart-rate graph looked crazy! We also got to get a glimpse of him on an ultrasound, but we couldn't see much because he's just so big now (he's super squished in there). The amniotic fluid level looks good, it's on the lower-normal side..but that's to be expected. Afterwards Kyle and I headed across the street for some chik-fil-a and a little walk around Best Buy (we really like to check out all the new technology that we want to buy but can't...). 

I haven't had any real contractions the past 48 hours, so I'm pretty sure I'm not going into labor on my own. My poor doctor must be going just as crazy as I am (she told me last weekend she kept checking her pager because she was SURE I would go into labor then). Since I doubt my body and baby feel like cooperating, I'm 99.9% sure I will just make it to my induction date which is this Tuesday, October 29th. If all goes well, our little boy should be born that night! Kyle and I are so anxious to finally meet our son, so Tuesday will be an exciting day! 

Our boy should be coming home from the hospital on Halloween, so I've got a cute halloween onesie for him to wear, and I'm excited! This Halloween has been kind of sad for me because I knew I would be giving birth right before, so I haven't decorated or planned costumes at all (which I NEVER do... I'm super into Halloween!). I did manage to find a shirt that my mom sent me that has a skeleton baby on it, so I've been wearing it today to feel festive. We also haven't carved pumpkins or enjoyed any pumpkin patches this year, so next year we'll have to go all out! 

In other news, my mom is coming out to Utah next Friday to spend a week with us and the new baby. It will be nice to have her around...I really need to learn her mommy-ways (because I really have no idea what I'm doing!). She'll also be here for my 24th birthday, which is this next I'm hoping she'll make me a nice, fancy cake! It will be fun to be able to celebrate my birthday with my brand-new little family and my mom! 
My belly at 39 weeks

Belly on my due date (my maternity scrubs barely fit me anymore!)

My super cool Halloween costume (the baby skeleton isn't true to size...but hey..still cute) Also, today is day 3 of wearing no makeup and my glasses all day..and it's been great. No judgements people!

Well goodbye to this blog for now...I'll try to upload some pictures of our baby boy when I can...but let's be honest...I will be way to tired to write anything for awhile! So adios!

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