Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday 2013

I have always loved black friday. I am a huge sucker for deals, and black friday ALWAYS has the best. 

Usually Kyle and I are pretty low-key on black friday. We usually just hit the outlets on Friday afternoon and do a little online shopping and call it quits for the year. 
This year was different for us because we had one item we needed...and we had been waiting for the black friday deals to get it. We wanted to get ourselves a new TV.

We have been TV-less since April. We gave our old TV to DI when we moved out of Provo, because it was just too big and heavy to keep moving around. We didn't immediately get a TV because we knew that on black friday there would be an amazing deal and we'd save a ton of money.

Our TV hunt started on The week before black friday, Amazon had a bunch of "lightening deals" that would happen every 10 minutes or so. We knew that during that week, a TV that we wanted would go on sale, we just didn't know when. We watched the lightening deals constantly, just waiting for that TV to show up. On Tuesday night, a really good deal showed up on a TV, and we ended up getting that TV as our "backup" TV. It wasn't the TV we wanted, but if we didn't end up getting the TV we wanted, we would just keep that TV. Well the next day, the TV we wanted showed up on Amazon, and we literally missed it by 10 minutes. We still ended up with a great deal on a TV...but we weren't done with our hunt yet.

We decided we were going to be one of those crazy people that wait in lines outside of stores on black friday. Target was having a similar TV deal like Amazon, so we decided we wanted to try for that one on Thanksgiving night. After eating delicious food, I dropped Kyle off at Target to stand in line. I then headed home to feed Everett and grab warm clothes for Kyle and I. When I got back to target there were a TON of people...and Kyle got a pretty good spot in line. 

While we were standing in line, a bunch of people drove up and jumped out of their cars and performed for us. They started blaring the "what does the fox say" song while performing the dance. Everyone had animal masks on, and there was even a guy in a fox costume. It was hilarious and we loved that people got together to perform for the black friday shoppers. 

After waiting in line for a couple of hours, it was finally 8pm and Target opened it's doors. The TV we wanted had a ticket system going on where the target employees handed out tickets to the first people in line that wanted that TV. We didn't end up getting a ticket, so we decided to still go in and try for our second and third choice of TV's. We couldn't decide which TV to actually go for, so we decided to just try to grab both so we could decide. When the doors opened, the line started to slowly move inside the building. It was really intense getting ready to run for those TV's. When we got inside, I yelled "RUN HONEY!" and Kyle was off. He decided to run in between the clothing racks instead of running down the isles. Since I had Everett in the car seat, I decided Kyle would be the runner and I would hang back to guard Everett, and I would eventually end up where Kyle was. The second Kyle off, I looked to my left and target employees were throwing carts at all of us as we ran inside. I quickly grabbed a cart, put the car seat inside the cart, and ran after Kyle. When I got to the TV area, I saw Kyle pulling the TV's off the pallets, and I noticed he got both the TV's! I hurried and ran over by him and we celebrated!

It was the most intense 3 minutes of black friday I've ever experienced!

After claiming our prize, we sat there trying to decide which TV to actually take. We knew we were going to re-sell one of the TV's we had, but we couldn't decide which one we would re-sell and which one we would keep. I also said I was going to stand in line at RC Willy to try for another similar TV deal just like the amazon and original target deals we were going we had that option too. This is how our dialogue went:

Kyle: I think we should keep this TV, and sell this one
Lauren: well I think we should keep THIS tv and sell the other ones
Kyle: about we just get both and decide later.
Lauren: ok, that sounds good
Kyle: no, wait...I don't like that idea. 
Lauren: it's ok, we can just return the one we don't want
Kyle: no we would sell the ones we don't want.
Lauren: ok then, I guess we are buying both TVs. PS: how's Everett doing?
Kyle: he's just sleeping away!

So we left the TV area with two great TV's for VERY cheap! We knew we were absolutely crazy for doing this...but we really couldn't decide (and we still can't). The TVs were so big, they didn't fit inside the we had them on top of the cart. Kyle pushed the cart, and I carried Everett in his car seat around target with all the crazy people running around us. 

We walked around the store looking at all the other deals, but just ended up getting in the long line. We weaved in and out of isles before getting to the cashiers. At one point, there was a pillar in the middle of one of the isles and the TV's barely fit. Kyle and I were sweating and laughing at how crazy we were. 

When we finally checked out, we realized that we probably couldn't fit the TVs inside our small Corolla. Since we had Everett, we couldn't just put the TV's in the back seat, and they didn't fit inside the trunk all the way. We ended up taking a random rope we found in our trunk and trying to tie down the TV's with the trunk open. The TVs didn't fall out on the way home (thank goodness) but it was stressful to watch them and hope they didn't fall out and break. What a bummer that would've been! After we got home, I went to the outlet mall and stood in more lines. I was exhausted by the time we got home, so I didn't end up going to RC Willey in the morning.

So Kyle and I currently own three TVs. We are officially crazy.

Oh ya...and Everett slept through all the madness. He was SUCH a trooper! 
(side note: I know most of you probably think I'm insane for bringing a baby with us to black friday...but I saw like 5 other moms with their babies in car seats running in the store as I wasn't the only crazy mom!)

Here are some pictures:

The line outside target

our prizes

Everett scored big

I think I'm hooked to standing in lines outside target for black friday! 

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  1. I still think y'all are nuts, but you look super cute in that picture! Good luck deciding on the lucky TV. John took forever to decide on his too..