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Everett Mark Richardson- A Birth Story

Our little Everett came into our lives just a short week ago, and it has been an amazing experience so far. Here is the story of Everett Mark Richardson's birth.

Starting at around week 36 of pregnancy, I started becoming dilated and effaced. My doctor and I both thought I could go into labor on my own, and possibly earlier than my due date. For the last month of pregnancy, I worked so hard to try to start my labor; I ate "pregnancy pizza", I went for long walks, and I spent many nights jumping, dancing and galloping around my house. I was definitely prepared to go into labor at any moment, so the suitcases were always packed and Kyle and I lived out of them for many weeks. Once my due date hit, I was sure my membrane strip would start labor and I would be going to the hospital that night. I walked around the hospital right after my appointment, continued to walk around my neighborhood when I got home, and then spent the rest of the night bouncing and hopping, hoping I'd feel some contractions. After hours and hours of trying, I just found myself sore, and no contractions were in sight. Earlier that day, my doctor scheduled me for an induction 6 days after my due date, but again, we both thought I'd go into labor on my own way before that. We were definitely wrong.

The week leading up to my induction was probably one of the hardest I'd ever gone through. I was so huge, I could barely sleep, I was absolutely sick of my throbbing legs, I was still running to the bathroom every 10 seconds, and I was anxious to meet my son. I spent my days laying around, bored to death, because I had finished everything I needed to get done before baby got here. My days and sleepless nights were spent watching cheesy TLC shows and documentaries on the discovery channel, which also got old after a couple days. Since there weren't any contractions in sight, I began changing my mental mindset to "you can make it to Tuesday...only "x" more days". When I finally got to Monday night, I was exhausted, but SO excited to be going to the hospital in the morning.

The morning of my induction, I was told I'd be getting a call from the hospital telling me when to come in. They explained to me that the earliest they'd call is 5am and the latest of course I was up at 5am anxiously waiting by my phone. At around 8:45am, I received a notification on my phone saying I had a voicemail...and from who?! Labor and Delivery! They were telling me to come in! My phone didn't even ring. I quickly called them back, told them we were leaving, and Kyle and I got ready and packed the car for our hospital stay.

My very last belly picture...40 weeks and 6 days pregnant
I arrived at Intermountain Medical Center at around 10:00am. I was immediately checked into my room and I then met my nurse, Lori. I explained to her that I wanted to try to go natural today, but I wasn't ruling out an epidural because I knew the pitocin would make my contractions intense. After changing into my super cute hospital gown, I was put into bed and given my I.V. The pitocin started about 2 minutes later, so there was no turning back! Kyle and I were so excited to finally be starting this process, and we were even more excited to meet our little boy that night! My contractions started almost immediately, and they started at 5 minutes apart and pretty strong. I knew I wanted to start moving around to get through my contractions. My nurse then told me that since my labor was already at that point, she thought my doctor would want to break my water. I freaked out a little bit, because I felt like everything was happening so fast! I said ok, and my doctor came in about 10 minutes later. She examined me, told me I was already 4 cm dilated, and then proceeded to break my amniotic sac. The process didn't really hurt, it was just super uncomfortable...and then when my water broke, it felt like I pee'd myself. It was the weirdest feeling ever! I then got to wear a super sexy diaper while I got ready to walk around the L&D department. I was then hooked up to a portable monitor, so they could keep track of my contractions and baby's heartbeat, and Kyle and I were off to walk around the halls (with my crunchy ice in hand of course!).  As Kyle and I were walking through the contractions, baby shifted inside of me and caused more amniotic fluid to leak all over the floor. I left a huge puddle! I didn't know what to I told Kyle to "run" and we quickly went back to our room and left the puddle on the carpet (we are bad people).

getting ready to start the pitocin
Kyle's candid picture of me walking around Labor and Delivery. I look super attractive!

Intermountain Medical Center

Kyle taking a rest in the delivery room

After walking around for a while, my contractions were feeling pretty strong, but I was managing. I decided I wanted to try the nice bathtubs they have in the labor and delivery rooms. Our nurse filled the tub, and I got in. It was SO NICE because the tub had jets! While I was in there, our nurse told us that the heart rate monitor was cutting out and they couldn't tell what was going on with baby. She readjusted it, the problem fixed itself, and then she left me again...only to return a minute later with the same problem. She kept having to readjust the monitor every minute, so I just decided I'd rather be out of the tub so she didn't have to adjust it anymore. My contractions were VERY strong at this point, so I spent some time pacing and rocking in the suite. The heart rate monitor still continued to slip, and they couldn't keep track of baby's heart rate. I then tried the yoga ball for the pain, but they same problem kept happening. The monitor kept slipping and baby's heart rate wasn't showing up. At this point I was getting frantic and annoyed. For one, I didn't like being touched every 5 seconds because I was trying to breath through contractions and two, I wanted to know that my baby was ok! As I sat on the yoga ball, I just stared at Kyle and mouthed the word "epidural" to him. I was ready to just stay in one place and make sure my baby was ok.

After telling the nurse I wanted the epidural, the anesthesiologist came in the room and laid me on my side. The epideral didn't hurt at all, I just thought it was freaky! I was shaking I was so scared, but thankfully Kyle was there to calm me down. After about 10 minutes, I couldn't feel my legs anymore, and it was awesome/terrifying. I quickly was able to relax because I couldn't feel my contractions anymore, and I was able to watch the monitor and see that my baby was ok. Although I wanted to go natural, I am so thankful for that epidural, because I was able to calm down and really enjoy what was happening to my body. I was at this time checked, and was dilated to 6 cm. I was making progress!

A few hours passed, and Kyle and I were able to just relax and watch TV together. It was a nice, peaceful time for us. Our last moments before we would become parents. After awhile I was checked again and I stayed at around 6 cm, but was totally effaced. My doctor said that the baby would be born in the middle of the night, so Kyle and I relaxed and just kept on waiting. At one point, our baby started to get sleepy according to his heart rate, so the nurse put an oxygen mask on me to wake our boy up. The oxygen mask was annoying, but thankfully I only had to wear it for about 10 minutes.

Hurray for Oxygen
An hour later I was checked again and was at 9 cm! That was fast! The nurse told me that I'd feel pressure, like I had to go to the bathroom, and that was when I knew I would need to push. I thought it would be awhile before this happened, so I just relaxed and continued to watch TV. Kyle left to go to the bathroom also thinking it would be awhile. Right when Kyle left, I started feeling pressure...but I was in denial. I was sure that it wasn't time to was too soon to push! I kept watching TV, but the pressure kept happening. After feeling this same pressure about 10 times, I yelled to Kyle "Hurray up in there! I think it's time to push!" Kyle came back from the bathroom very quickly, we called the nurse into the room, and everyone started to set up all of the instruments used during the pushing phase. At this point I was freaking out and shaking. I was so scared to push. Kyle was right by my side the whole time though, so that really helped me to focus on what I was doing. We also found out that my doctor went home because she thought it would be awhile before I delivered, so she was called back as well. I started pushing without my doctor present, but only after a couple of pushes, she arrived. I asked for a mirror so I could watch myself deliver, and I'm really glad I did, because it was SO COOL to see myself give birth to my son! I was only pushing for about 5 minutes when my son's head started to appear. When I was told that was the head, I freaked out (in a good way) and I was ready to just meet him! I was so scared and so happy at the same time. I only pushed for about 15 minutes longer when he crowned. All of a sudden I could see his face, and in an instant I could see his arms, his body, and then he was all the way out of me! It was the craziest thing I've ever experienced. Giving birth happened so fast, I almost don't remember all of it. When our baby came out, he had a cute pout on his face, and his hands were straight in the air. I was so in shock and so in love!

They immediately put Everett onto my chest while they cleaned him off and listened to his heart beat. He wasn't crying much, just cooing and making grunt noises. After awhile of holding him, they took him over to the scale and the bassinet to give him a shot and further assess him. Right when he got his vitamin K shot, he started to cry, and everyone cheered! Kyle was over with him the whole time while he was away from me, and I loved just watching him bustle around our new son. After taking care of him, they returned him to my chest for skin-on-skin interaction. I loved this precious time with my son. He quickly cuddled right under my chin and relaxed. I instantly was in love with him. He was perfect.

Meeting Everett for the first time!

After my doctor and all the nurses were done taking care of me and baby, Kyle and I got an hour to ourselves in the delivery room to be with our son. I remember it being quiet and peaceful and just feeling so much joy. I loved watching Kyle hold Everett and watching him transition into his Daddy role. Those moments were just so special to me, I'll never forget this experience.

Our hospital stay was amazing. The staff at IMC are seriously the best! They helped us so much, but also gave us our space and let us have a lot of quiet time. All my questions were answered and they helped me feel more comfortable with my new role as a mom. It was also fun to be able to get so many visitors while we were there. We were visited by a ton of my coworkers and a lot of our Utah family came too. They all loved our little Everett, and it was fun to see everyone with him as well.

The view from our room

Happy Everett

Proud new dad

Everett with Great Grandma Moody

Everett with Great Grandma and Grandpa Crosby

Our handsome man

Our new little family!

Heather loves her new nephew

Everett and Aunt Heather

We were only in the hospital for 2 days, so we headed home on Halloween. Everett had a cute Halloween outfit ready for him for his car ride home. After a morning of discharge instructions, we finally left the hospital around 1 pm with our new bundle of joy. I felt scared and overwhelmed because I was losing the helpful hospital staff, but I was also so ready to return to our familiar setting and start caring for our perfect baby. Since getting home we've really loved having my mom here with us, helping us with everything from babysitting to cooking. We've also had a lot of fun trying to find our routine with our new son. It's amazing how everything changes so much once you have a child, but it's a great change. Kyle and I are still getting the hang of everything, but our son is so precious, the stress that comes from being new parents is totally worth it. Having our son Everett is the best thing that's ever happened to Kyle and I, and we look forward to watching him grow and develop over our lifetime. We love our son so much.

Coming home!

wrapped in the blanket Grandma Moody made Everett

Meeting Uncle Christian
Meeting Grandma Moody

My birth experience was everything I could have ever wanted. I was terrified of giving birth and not knowing what it would be like, but all in all, it was the most amazing thing I've ever gone through. Regardless of if I had a natural birth vs a medicated birth, it was amazing to see my son for the first time. Being pregnant and giving birth has proven to be one of the most joyous times in both Kyle and I's lives. All the pain and suffering I went through was totally worth it; I'd do it all over again in an instant. We love our little Everett, he is absolutely perfect.

*disclaimer: I apologize for any bad english/misspellings in this post. I definitely have mommy brain, and I'm very sleep deprived :)

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  1. I love all these pictures and I'm glad your experience was so great! Those little nuggets make it all better.
    Hurry up and get here so we can meet him!