Saturday, November 30, 2013

Everett--One Month

Our little Everett has officially hit his one month milestone! It seems crazy to think that he has already been with us for a month, but at the same time, it feels like we've been loving him forever.

Here are some of his milestones and personality traits:

  • Everett can EAT. It feels like he is always hungry. He is probably eating somewhere between 16-20 ounces a day.
  • Everett is an expert tooter. He does these big, old man farts that make Kyle and I laugh.
  • He does not like baths. He kicks, squirms and screams during the bath, but he loves getting his hair washed after being wrapped up in the towel.
  • Everett pees on dad pretty much every diaper change. He only pees on mom about 1 in every 6 diaper changes.
  • When he is sleeping and he tries to break out of his swaddle blanket, he lets out a "cackle" noise. It sounds like a witch cackle, and it's hilarious.
  • Everett is very good at focusing on things with his eyes. He loves to stare at our bed frame because it has a swirly pattern to it. He is also very good at focusing on Mom and Dad's faces.
  • Everett has three stages of crying. The first stage is just a whimper, letting Mom and Dad know he is in distress. The second stage is the normal, newborn cry. The third stage is the "I think I'm dying even though I'm not" stage, and it sounds something like a pig being slaughtered. Kyle and I can't help but laugh when he gets to that stage.
  • Everett loves his bouncy chair, and he loves car rides. 
  • He falls asleep in the car and in Mom and Dad's arms very easily. He doesn't fall asleep easily in his bassinet. 
  • He has a very strong neck! He loves to hold his head up when Mom lets him lay on her chest. He isn't a huge fan of tummy time yet.
  • When he gets overly stimulated, he gets the hiccups...and when he has them, he gives Mom and Dad a confused look.
  • Everett has crazy arms and legs. When he is tired, his arms and legs are all over the place. He's been known to wake himself up by hitting himself in the face.
  • After he sneezes, he gives out a big "aaaaaaahhhhhh", sigh of relief. It's the cutest thing ever!
  • He loves to hold people's hands, especially when they are feeding him his bottle.
  • Everett loves primary songs and classical music.
  • He can recognize when Mom and Dad say his name. He lets out a little squeak in recognition. 
  • He loves to give little smiles to everyone.
  • Everett shakes his head back and forth whenever he disapproves of something.
  • When Everett wakes up from his naps, he does a big stretch, and arches his back just like Mom does.
  • Everett will suck his thumb every once in awhile (just like Mom).
  • He loves to give you the "Moody furrowed brow" whenever he is in deep thought. 
  • Whenever someone is holding him in their arms, he will let his outside arm relax and dangle in the air. We call it his "chill arm".
  • He has a very calm personality just like his Dad. He is generally ok with anyone picking him up and holding him. 
  • Everett is also very impatient just like his Mom. When he doesn't get his bottle after feeling hungry for approximately 10 seconds, he will scream. 
  • When Everett is waking up, he makes a "turtle face". He scrunches his forehead and squishes his lips together in the shape of a turtle's mouth.
  • He loves to have his blanket covering his ears/side of his face. It relaxes him and helps him sleep.
  • When he is eating or getting his diaper changed, he flexes his legs and feet. He loves having his legs and feet in the air.
  • He loves looking at lights. He will bend over and arch his back just to see them sometimes.
  • Everett is a very happy baby. He loves to play already and loves to give coo's of approval during play time. 
Everett's "chill" arm
Happy Everett!

When he falls asleep with his bottle in his mouth, this is his cute face

sleeping with the blanket covering his ears...he did this by himself too!

He loves to sleep with a fist under his chin

arching his back to stare at the lights

legs flexed and in the air!

his turtle face

after bath time cuddles

Everett doing his favorite activity...staring at the swirls

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