Monday, November 4, 2013

Lauren had a birthday!

That's right folks! I'm one year older and wiser too!

November 3rd was my 24th birthday! 

It was a great day! Kyle got me the most beautiful flowers and I had a lot of fun arranging them (I love floral design if you didn't already know). He also made me french toast for breakfast, even though it was fast Sunday and it was probably making him suffer. We had a fun morning cuddling with our sweet Everett and making treats in the kitchen with my mom. 

Later in the afternoon, my cousin Nicole and her husband Brad stopped by to see the new baby! I always loving seeing them, and I'm so thankful they are fairly close to us! Nicole is only weeks away from having her first baby too, so it will be fun to see her go through the wonderful birthing process like I did. We had fun catching up and playing with baby E.

We then headed to Draper, UT for the Ellsworth-side monthly fast Sunday dinner. It was a lot of fun catching up with everyone and hearing all of their funny stories. We also watched a lot of Miranda Sings videos, because my mom had never heard of her. Everyone loved seeing baby Everett as well! 

I just love spending birthdays with the people I love! My 24th year of life is going to be a great one, I can feel it! 

And of course I have a million pictures to share:

Aren't these just beautiful!?

My little man :)

I love angel food of course it was the logical birthday cake choice

all fancy for my birthday

Just because I'm 24 now doesn't mean I'm mature...

What a cutie! 

notice how there are no candles...

I love my son's cute old man face!

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  1. Yay Happy Birthday! It was so fun getting to stop and meet baby Everett! He is such a cutie!