Sunday, December 29, 2013

Richardson reunion in Texas

We've had such a fun week this past week! We were able to have everyone in the Richardson family here in Texas for Christmas! 

It was so fun to have the nieces and nephew around to meet our Everett, and to have all Kyle's sisters, brother, and everyone that married into the family around to hang. 

Some fun things we've gotten to do so far:

-celebrating Christmas together
-taking family pictures (which involved a lot of kids chasing a cat and looking at goats)
- a shopping trip to Grapevine Mills outlet mall
-hanging around the house and playing with Myka, Aleena and Brighton
- doing Aubrey's makeup and making her look like Cleopatra
-watch Aubrey play her violin in her ward's Christmas program
-going to Torchie's for the first time
-having everyone at Everett's blessing
-girls night out to go see "Saving Mr. Banks"
-going to see "The Hobbit" with Austin, Lindsey, Brent and Aubrey
-visiting Heather at Charming Charlie's (with a shopping spree attached)

and many other things!

It's always a fun time with the Richardson's! 

family pictures

trying to get all the kids to cooperate

the makeup mess from getting ready for pictures

practicing our silly faces
Brighton helping to feed Everett

Aunt Heather and the bear 

Everett was over it...

seeing the goats

like father like son

trying clothes on him that were way too big

Austin locked his kids in the play room during nap time haha

family pictures

this is what Everett looked like during his blessing

discovering how awesome cats are

practicing makeup techniques on Aubrey's face

The best picture taken during the week...

somehow I got Aleena to stop running and pose for me

The grandkids!

Me and my cute niece

Torchies haha

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