Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 in Review

Our 2013 was seriously great! We have had so many wonderful things happen to us, and we are so thankful for everything we've gotten to go through. Here is a recap of the Richardson family's 2013.

  • We got pregnant for the first time and had our sweet baby boy Everett! He is the best thing to ever happen to us! I was pretty much pregnant the whole year of 2013 (which sucked), but having Everett come into our lives was totally worth it! We love being a family of 3!
  • We bought our first car! We searched and searched until we found our awesome 2008 Toyota Corolla.
  • We had many fun date nights! We went out for sushi, had fun themed dinners with our friends, went to the BYU spectacular, and had many cuddle sessions at home watching netflix.
  • Kyle graduated from BYU with a BS in Exercise Science. He shortly started researching grad school and working for apple doing technical support.
  • We moved from Provo, UT to Eagle Mountain, UT and then from Eagle Mountain to Plano, TX!
  • We took two fun trips: the first to Las Vegas for my friend Juelaine's wedding, and the second to Newport Beach, CA to visit my family and get a tan!
  • Kyle turned 25 and I turned 24! We are getting old!
  • We celebrated our second year of marriage! We went to downtown Dallas for sushi and a Chinese lantern festival.
  • We got to bless our sweet baby boy Everett with all the Richardson family around.
  • I got to send my baby brother Michael off to the MTC for his 2 year mission to Brazil.
  • I spend the whole year working at IMC in the transfusion department, and I loved every second of it!
  • We had a lot of fun family get togethers: We spend 4th of July with the Moody side, we spend time with Kyle's parents and sisters at various times in Utah, and we got together for dinners and games a lot with the Ellsworth side of the family.
  • We participated in our 1st ever black friday! We left with not one, but TWO TV's!
  • We enjoyed a quiet night at home on Valentines day complete with a homemade New York steak dinner!
  • We watched our little Everett grow and develop in the last few months of the year.

Kyle and I have many goals for 2014, and we hope this year will be good to us! We are so excited to watch Everett grow up. It's crazy to think that at the end of 2014, Everett will turn 1! We have many goals as a family, but here are some of my personal goals for this year:

  • Starting my fancy, new lifestyle blog! I have been working SUPER hard on developing ideas for this new blog, and I'm so excited to almost have it done! It will have everything I love to write about on it: makeup, fashion, mommy stuff, photography, crafts, food, and more! My last step for this blog is to purchase a DSLR camera to make sure the photography is extra fancy! Stay tuned for it! 
  • Losing my baby weight. Well actually technically I have lost all my baby weight (I didn't really gain weight during pregnancy...if you don't count the weight of the baby, extra fluid, etc), so I want to get my body back into shape. I want to start running again, and (dare I say it) train for a half-marathon.
  • Start my new job at Baylor and learn more about blood banking! I want to get my SBB soon, so I want to be and expert in the field of blood banking. I also want to PRN as a generalist to keep up on all areas of the lab. I also want to stay healthy as I embark on my crazy journey working the graveyard shift!
  • Really start our 72 hour kits and food storage. Because of the lack of apartment space, Kyle and I haven't started a great food storage. This year I am determined to have one!
  • Pay off ALL our debt. I want it all outta here!
  • Watch less TV and read more books. It's better for my mind!
  • Save up to buy our first house! We are SICK of being renters! I want a mortgage!
  • Be the best wife and mom I can possibly be! To do this I want to serve more, attend the temple with my hubby, and work on my spiritual side so I bring the spirit into our home. 
  • Finish reading the Book of Mormon by December 31st 
and my FAVORITE goal of 2014:

complete 2014 acts of kindness/acts of service! How fun is that?!

I hope 2014 is amazing for all of you! Thank you for everyone who reads our blog! 

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  1. I'm sure you've heard of him, but Dave Ramsey is pretty much our financial godfather. Our lives are changed! Good luck with the new year!